December 6, 2023
Destination Wedding Venues Around the World

A wedding is the once in a lifetime event for the people. So it is obvious to make this day special and the most memorable day of life. The wedding or wedding day is equally important for both the bride and the groom. You have done everything to make it happen and now this is the time to make it grand and special. So before tying the knot, the selection of the place or location of the wedding is not an easy task. You have to line up all the events and rituals in accordance.

To say, it is just a day as normal for anyone else. But for the groom and bride, this is not as usual day. A destination wedding can be a dream, a desire, a wish. Getting married at one of most beautiful destination wedding venues will definitely be a great feeling so we have collected something for you here.

List of Most Beautiful Destination Wedding Venues

Here we can suggest to you some destination wedding venues choose one of the best locations among them.

1. Fiji

Fiji Wedding Destination

Fiji is one of the places that you can choose as a perfect soft white sand island. It is located in the northeast of New Zealand. It is a group of 3000 extensive islands in the South Pacific Ocean. It is a fertile spot in a desert, palm trees are lined alongside the beaches. Vibrant flora and fauna, coral reefs are attractions to explore. As a destination wedding venue, it is a beautiful & exotic, and distinctive place. Privacy and royal treatment will be offered.

2. Rome

Rome Wedding Destination

Rome is an eternal city of the European Union and the capital of Italy. The city will contribute everything to make your wedding incredible. The Trevi Fountain, Colosseum, Spanish Steps, and other stunning sights create a romantic environment and make you feel special. Campidoglio wedding hall, Caracalla wedding hall, and Villa Lais wedding hall are the most designated venues for ceremony celebration. For Protestant, Jewish, Orthodox, and Symbolic wedding celebrations Rome has magnificent sights and offers scenic places for photo and video shoots.

3. Provincial France

Provincial France Wedding Destination

Provincial France is one of the best locations for an outdoor or destination wedding. This place is full of love and romance. France is known for its elegance and natural atmosphere. It offers you a historical royal touch. There are many variations and types of Provincial French Wedding. With its exotic and environment full of love, it has attracted and seduced many artists like Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh.

4. Santorini

Santorini Wedding Destination

Santorini is a full package destination for weddings with different types of wedding themes and venues and locations. Le Ciel Santorini, Dana Villas, Theros Beach Bar, Santorini Princess, Santo Winery, Pyrgos Restaurant, Santa Irini Chapel, LA Maltese Estate, Cavo Ventus, Canaves Oia, Santorini Gem, El Viento Santorini, Laze Santorini, Grace Santorini, Suites of the Gods, Oceanids Estate, Caldera’s Dolphins are different, unique and exotic locations. All of them offer their best and explicit wedding theme.

5. Tuscany

Tuscany Wedding Destination

Tuscany is situated in Italy. This place is the perfect destination for outdoor weddings. The only thing to decide is, choose the style of the ceremony. The city is a beautiful combination of the exquisite river Arno, stunning architecture, and the greatest artistic masterpieces. This place is incredible for a destination wedding.

6. Spain

Spain Wedding Destination

Spain is a plethora of many destination wedding cities that are equally unique and distinctive from each other. Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Seville, Malaga resemble fantasies. All these cities are the package of art, architecture, modernization, unusual vibes, majestic, manicured gardens, provincial palaces, all these things make these cities perfect for your dream destination wedding. Spain is known for its style and fashion trends. Spain is always one step ahead whole of the world in terms of fashion, style, and modern crazes.

7. Paris

Paris Wedding Destination

Paris is acclaimed as the most romantic city in the world. It is the capital of France. It is called the city of love and one of the leading destinations for weddings. Eiffel Tower is the symbol of love. It is the center of attraction and situated in the heart of the city.

The city possesses artistic and architectural wonders and lush gardens. It is a wonderful and eye-pleasing city during day time as well as at night when the city illuminates and the Effiel Tower shines. Paris is a city that remains in trends always whether it is romance, tourism, and fashion styles.              

8. Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast Wedding Destination

This amazing place is situated on the coastline of Italy. If you are a nature lover and want to give a natural touch to your wedding then you can choose Amalfi Coast as the location for your destination wedding. Perpendicular cliffs lushed with lemons and tropical flowers, and perfect climate provides you with things of varieties to make your wedding unique and memorable.

There are many venues like Positano, Praiano, Capri, Amalfi full of exotic atmosphere, and gives you an experience of a memorable wedding. Mountains, sea, castles, century-old hotels, and cliff resorts are the things and places that make this location perfect for a destination wedding.

9. Sicily

Sicily Wedding Destination

Sicily beaches are surrounded by brightly shining Meditteranean sea. It is an Italian island. Church San Glavonella, La Tonnara di Marzamemi, Timeo Hotel, Cathedral in Siracusa, Winery Pupillo, Villa Renata, Borgo Pantano, Villa Infinity, Palazzo Duchi Taormina are the venues in the city that you can choose for your destination wedding to make it memorable and unique. 

10. Portugal

Portugal Wedding Destination

Portugal is just next to Spain. Vintage venues, charmed Quintas, wedding villas, hotels, perfect city halls that are especially k own for destination weddings. Villa Sao Paulo, the Quinta, National Palace of Pena, Arriba by the Sea, Coconuts by the Sea, Palace of Monserrate, Estufa Fria, the Fort, Quinta da Torneiro are the most famous venues here in Portugal for outdoor weddings. The Fort is on the top of the Tamariz beach, in Estoril. This fort was built in the 17th century to protect the Portuguese coasts. The Palace of Monserrate is situated on the top of the mountains of Sinatra.

So here we have described the top 10 best destination wedding venues around the world. All the destinations are unique and pleasant and possess many things and reasons to make your wedding once a life memory.  

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