March 2, 2024
Grooming Tips for Men

You’ve got the outfit picked out and bought the flowers–you even swung a reservation at that brand new restaurant nobody can get into. But to take your date night A-game, there’s one pretty crucial thing on the to-do list that no self-respecting man can skip–grooming. While you’ll not be down for hours of primping, we’ve got some easy ways you’ll look fresh af–without trying too hard (or looking as you are). 10 quick and straightforward grooming tips for men for your next date:

1. Tame That Beard

Just ensure to administer your face a small amount of TLC before you head out. A trim should do for a brief crop, beard oil for long, or simply a fresh shave if you’d keep things on the slicker side.

2. Keep Chapstick Handy

If you’re hoping a kiss goodnight will finish off the evening, bringing chapped lips to the party won’t help. an easy flavoured (or unflavoured) chapstick that you simply can slick on before you create your entrance will set you up in vogue

3. Wash Your Hair

If you have even got an hour to spare, a fast wash and conditioner will do wonders for your hair–you’ll arrive smelling great and searching sharp–try Innisfree’s damage repair range. Just ensure you get in a very quick blow dry, though–it can be too early for her wet-head.

4. Dry Shampoo

Fine, you don’t have time to clean your slightly messy lockdown tresses before you walk into your romantic dinner, but that doesn’t mean grease should air the menu. A spritz of dry shampoo works well into flat hair, and may give it–all the additional perks you would like.

5. Apply Serum or Moisturiser

There’s nothing a right serum can’t fix. In addition to being a tough worker by night, serum also has the miracle ability to convey your skin a way of quick hydration. If you can’t scrounge one up, a lightweight moisturiser may be a decent second.

6. Brush your teeth

No amount of Listerine can make things better than a decent quaint brushing session–and minty fresh breath may be a prerequisite for any successful rendezvous. Just ensure you are doing it before moving into your skincare–there’s no greater close up than dry toothpaste corners.

7. Pick the correct fragrance

Your signature scent is great, we’re sure, but an incident like this warrants a curated fragrance. select something with heady notes– they play better for an intimate evening. Anything with tonka, leather or vanilla could be a go!

8. Use a light-weight concealer

A great concealer goes a protracted way. We recommended the Skin Correct Concealer for full coverage, but if you would like a more on-budget corrector, try the Boi-ing Cakeless Concealer. It travels well, too, so you’ll be able to even keep one on you for spot-centric emergencies.

9. Get your nails in shape

All those gestures as you talk excitedly about your dog or your obsession with Star Wars and you’re thinking that they won’t notice your nails? For basics, confirm they’re clean and filed. For extras, try a strengthener that creates them to look healthier–or even get a manicure!

10. Use a sheet mask

A long day at work often finds its reflection directly on your skin, and even a fast half-hour to spare can help stop it from packing up before the sport is over. 

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