December 8, 2023
Ways To Earn On Instagram

You must always wonder influencers or celebrities getting millions just for posting sponsored content. Not everyone gets paid as much as Selena Gomez, Virat Kohli, or Cristiano Ronaldo. Companies offer a huge chunk of money to advertise and market their products. If you start receiving more than 100000 likes on each post, you’ll start getting paid like those influencers. 

Here are some best ways to make money out of your Instagram account:

1. Sponsored Content:

This is the best way of earning money through Instagram if you have built a decent follower base and have good engagement rates. Most of the time companies keep an eye on accounts with good reach and engagements and offer the person to post certain times and display their product in each post. You can also pitch some companies that you’re willing to promote their products and show them how can you make some effect, and they will be more than happy to pay you. 

2. Affiliate Marketing: 

It simply means referring to people products that you’re getting paid to promote. For this, you have to get ready with an affiliate website, after having the website you have to search for the company and some products you want to promote. The commission varies from 1%-60%. Get an affiliate link for the product you’re going to promote and share the link and try to make people buy through that link as much as possible. Enjoy your money earned through Instagram. 

3. Use Instagram as a Medium to Earn on YouTube:

YouTube is very easy to make money from, all you need is views and YouTube will take care of the rest. Nowadays, it is not very hard to get 100k views. You can easily earn 200$-1200$ per video. Side by side with YouTube, you can also monetize your Ingram account and earn from there too. 

4. Create a Patreon Account:

Patreon is a subscription-based platform where you can sponsor your content on monthly basis. For example, you got 100 fans giving you 10$ monthly for your content is not a bad income source. To make more money and more people to follow you and subscribe to your content, you’ve to search for your specific niche and get more creative and artistic with your Instagram handle. 

5. Create your Webstore:

The online store has so much potential, you just have to find an amazing niche that sells real fast, here the sales do not rely on your Instagram following, traffic on the website is generated through several search engines like Google. An online store is not a risky step, you don’t have to buy every item you display on your website. You just have to put an ad for the product and when someone orders it find it somewhere cheap and deliver it. 

6. Create your Website:

Developing a website is very important to express your creativity and ideas to the world. There are so many ways to earn through your website. You can advertise your website through your Instagram account just like YouTube. This, at last, depends on the quality of your content, no matter how good marketing you do or the number of your followers, if your content is crap you won’t last long in this digital world. The best way to market your website is to occasionally attach your website link to your Instagram posts and stories. 

7. Do Affiliate Marketing Anonymously:

Instagram is a platform that helps you do affiliate marketing without even getting noticed that you are doing it. It works in a very easy manner like you traveled to a very exotic destination and post photos and videos of yourself and the place. Your followers will for sure get jealous and they’ll also want to have a similar experience like yours, so taking advantage of this you can make an affiliate link on and recommend your trip to your followers. If the book, you’ll get your commission. 

8. Getting Free Products using Instagram:

Getting in contact with some hotels and asking them for a fully paid stay in return for a shoutout or promotion, is like a barter system. All you require to do this is to contact various hotels and write a professional message to pitch in. Some may welcome your idea some may not, don’t give up just keep trying. 

9. Sell your Instagram Images:

You can make more than 100$ by just selling your Instagram images, companies with huge funds purchase the images and use them for their commercials and other media usages. It saves a lot of time and effort to just buy someone’s image than creating it. Your images should be of high quality. You can easily sell images on websites like 500px, Shutterstock, and many more stock images website. 

10. Sell your Instagram Account:

This is the final step in case you are unable to monetize your Instagram account or you’ve got an amazing offer for your account. Your organic Instagram handle can worth a lot of money to other people because they know how they can grow it and take it to a level where it can make good money. You can sell your account on websites like Fameswap. But remember this is an option when nothing works for you. 


Making money through social media is a common practice now, you’ve to just make sure to be consistent, engaging, and upload quality content. This will gradually help in your account growth and help you make a living through it. 

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