March 2, 2024

Ayushmann Khurrana is a new young and talented actor of Bollywood and gained a lot of fame in a very short time. The movies in which he acted are all the best movies. Ayushmann played a lot of characters in a lot of movies and made a name for himself in the film industry in a very short time. As you know, there are controversies in every Bollywood star and there is no star in which there is no controversy, similarly there are a lot of questions that people have asked about Ayushmann. Today I will show you a list of all the questions that will give you a chance to get to know about Ayushmann better.

Is Bollywood your love or is it your life?


In answer to this question, Ayushmann said that Bollywood is my love because I love my work very much and I also love the place where I work. And I can’t say Bollywood is my life because I don’t want to live in a fantasy world in which I think I’m a Bollywood star.

As you know every successful man has a woman’s hand behind him, who is behind your success?

 successful man

Behind my success is the support of both my wife and my mother because both of them have always supported me to complete my dreams.

What is the most wonderful memory of your childhood that you still remember?

The best memory of my childhood was that I once met Shah Rukh Khan in 1992, who came to Kasauli to shoot for his film and I went there to my summer vacation. There I met Shah Rukh Khan inside a hotel room and it was a very beautiful and memorable moment for me. And at that time I didn’t have a camera so I could take pictures of myself and him.

In which movie is your most memorable role and why?

My most memorable role was in Dum Laga KE Haisha movie which was a completely different role, in this movie I had to change both my body language and my language. I came from Punjab, I had to speak the language of Uttarakhand. You can watch online movies in the best quality result and you also can watch Dum Laga Ke Haisha also. It was all different for me and I learned a lot from this role.

Among the films that you have done, which movie do you like the most?

I think Vicky Donor was my best movie and that is my first movie too. The special thing in this movie was that in it there was a bit of Punjabi culture and language as well, for this reason, I had taken that role very easily. And Dum LagaKeHaisha is the second film that I love. Because in this I had the opportunity to prove myself in a very different style.

What is such a strange thing that a fan of yours has done?

Mostly Girls purpose me on twitter on a daily basis. I also like it very much and I would say to all of them that keep flirting me like this, and when I turn 60 years, you still want to flirt with me.

Which was the most challenging moment of your life?

In my view, acting is the biggest challenging work for me, which goes on 24/7. But if asked about a special challenging moment, I would say that the movie Dum Laga K Haisha was a challenging film for me, because my own weight is 66 kg and I had to lift the Bhumi whose weight was 86 kg and had to run for 4 days.

How do you handle criticism on you?

If you are a star and you have a lot of fans that they like you and there are too many people to criticize you at the same time. I think the person who criticizes you is only to improve your personality. With those people, you get to know the flaws inside your personality.

How did your wife Tahira’s presence make you a better man?

My wife, she was the first person who told me for the first time that you can never become an actor and called me a loser. And I accept this thing as a challenge, I am very happy that she had told me that otherwise, I would not be at this stage today.

Who was your first celebrity crush?

ranveer singh

I think Ranveer Singh is my celebrity crush.

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