December 9, 2023
Email Marketing Strategies

10 Brilliant Email Marketing Campaigns That Will Inspire You

A lot like the internet of today, the first-ever email in the world was sent through a network of interconnected computers, by Ray Tomlinson. This was sometime between 1971 to 1978, although the exact year is not known. This email carried several letters and numbers arranged ambiguously and looked a lot like a piece of cryptic code.

Subsequently, the marketing manager at Digital Equipment Corp created history by sending the first-ever commercial email, paving the way for professional email marketing campaigns. Almost half a century later, the world today is witnessing a sporadic rise in email marketing campaign ideas, leading to higher sales, revenue, and leads.

10 Beautifully-crafted Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing not only boosts growth and sales but also promotes your brand or company. There are several things that can be achieved with a really well-written email: share news, product information, or even tell a success story. Make sure you avail of the services of a well-known content marketing company in India to help you advertise your brand. Here are ten inspiring email marketing campaign ideas that will motivate you to communicate better.

1. Swiggy

One of India’s most popular food delivery and ordering platforms, Swiggy lives up to its fame with its top-notch email marketing campaign ideas. According to a survey in 2019, Swiggy achieved a record 7% Click Through Rate and a 25% Open Rate, a rare feat for most. 

The email that most Swiggy customers received featured eye-catching illustrations and interactive visuals that guaranteed high conversion rates. Here’s an example:


2. PayPal

PayPal not only sends its customers amazingly concise emails but ensures these reflect on the benefits of using the service. By tapping into common everyday cash woes of customers, PayPal piques their interest. Here is how:


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3. RunKeeper

In a bid to reengage past customers, RunKeeper sends these friendly and interactive emails that highlight all the app’s new updates and advantages. Take a look here:


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4. Loft

The emails from Loft highlight their values and unique approach to things. To make sure that customers open their emails, they ask for preferences so that the brand can further curate an email experience tailor-made for them.


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5. ModCloth

ModCloth recognizes the fact that customer needs and wants are always subject to change. In a fast-evolving world, a change of pace is always welcome and refreshing. Here’s how ModCloth allows its customers to change their email preferences:


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6. Litmus

Litmus, an email marketing company deftly employs interactive graphics and cutting-edge animation in its curated email newsletters. Animated graphics prove far more interesting, as the following image illustrates:


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7. Rip Curl

An Australian surfing sportswear brand, Rip Curl entices potential clients with powerful emails that carry social messages and instill a touch of motivation in customers. The letters are designed to make customers feel they are part of something worthwhile. Here’s how they do it:

Rip Curl

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8. Zara

Spanish apparel brand, Zara is among the world’s largest apparel retail brands and is an iconic brand in its own right. Just like its legacy, Zara creates the most compelling email newsletters and has an uber-cool aesthetic when it comes to creating a fruitful email marketing campaign. Check out how Zara scores, in this online email newsletter.


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9. J. Crew Factory

J. Crew Factory’s emails are simple in their approach. They offer easy solutions to ensure customers have a great time purchasing their products, including providing gift cards, that can be availed both online and offline. 

J. Crew Factory

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10. Harpoon Brewery

Harpoon Brewery understands the importance of lasting friendships in our lives and makes sure that their customers think of the brand as a friend. The brand further strengthens their relationship with customers by adding a touch of intimacy and grace to all of their emails. Check out their humane emails in this image:

Harpoon Brewery

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Why Email Marketing Campaigns Are EssentialThere is a bunch of things you must remember before you seek content and article writing services to help you with brand marketing through emails.  If you are a brand or company looking for effective ways to advertise your products, email marketing is your best bet. Make sure you have carried out ample research on great email marketing campaign ideas before setting out on this journey.

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