December 8, 2023
Make Your Date More Special

When you go out on a date with someone, you actually like you had to take a lot of care of your outfits and of your ways on how you can enjoy your journey properly with them. The date is somehow very nervous and very breathtaking but it is the best moment of your life and if you are a boy or a girl you want to make your partner feel the best on your date.

 So here is the piece of advice that we suggest you make your Date special.

1.) Be willing to laugh 

Be willing to laugh

Dates are the best dosage of Laughter. If you are better dating a funny movie or a scary one then you need to laugh because it has some hormones that help to connect people and if you are laughing that means you have a positive aura around and binding your positivity to that of the partner. They get connected with you and start to enjoy your company and this is where you love to the best of your life.

2.) Shower, smell good spray perfume 

Shower, smell good spray perfume

We are going out on a date. You don’t have to go out without taking a bath. You have to take a proper bath, you have to smell good and you have to spray perfume. If you do not do these things, they can hurt your relationship. They are just good habits that you should be doing. This will in some or the way will help you to grab your special one to yourself.

3.) Good manners 

Good manners

Don’t argue, don’t shout and say thank you. Just have a sweet gesture. Even if you can be patient and understanding and you can also share the bill. This is a way that shows how you are being gentle and they will also appreciate your company.

4.) Don’t be on your cell phone 

Don't be on your cell phone

Don’t use your phone. If you’re willing to work on the same then you have to put your cellphone out, focus on yourself if you want to go to the bathroom, take out the best time to pull out your phone. Don’t go for texting, calling or playing games it sounds like you are being very rude to the other person and the other person may not like to be with you.

5.) Be punctual 

Be punctual

If you can’t be on time say something in advance arriving late or notification will be very rude and seriously stupid because it’s your date and the other partner is waiting for you to be there.

6.) You can bring a small token of thanks

You can bring a small token of thanks

 In small token of gesture to the other person that has come to be with you. You can give them anything. It could be jewelry, it could be flowers, could be teddy bears, it could be homemade something flowers, chocolates. They will like it and will enjoy your company more.

7.) Random Conversation

Random Conversation

 You can also engage your date in a random conversation about the love of your life. This will make them be 50 50 that you are also interested in the conversation and they will share more about themselves. This will grab a particular understanding with you and even if you want to be a good couple, you will be half step closer to it.

8.) Compliment


You can always compliment your partner about their looks, about how they are looking, their dress is good or personality or any other thing. It would feel awkward instead they love it when you compliment them.

9.) Touch


Don’t touch everything, you are saying just touch the shoulders or a hug or Hold hands not go beyond the limit for this. It could create a very bad image of yours. It would be a message to show your character. Actually how you are is completely dependent upon the way you are behaving with the other person. Do not try to be cheap or touchy. It will show the bad image of yours and they might find your character very bad. This could even spoil everything about you and even your future things. Do not go beyond the limit of the first date.

10.) Be agreeable and suggest 

Be agreeable and suggest

You can also be agreeable to them. If you will not like the things you can let them know that these are the things that you are not liking but don’t be so rude. Try to go to places that do not have a lot of sounds. If you’re going out somewhere that has peace, in Silence, you both can hear each other then that is a perfect place for you to have a date. To listen is what a person expects. You can listen to them and make them feel wanted.

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