December 8, 2023
Top 10 Athletes

Sports are the best thing in the world and they can never leave us at any cost. Even people who play sports surprise us with their skills and qualities and with their different games and they’re never giving up attitude for their country. They make points, they are the proud thing for the fans.

Let’s explore some popular athletes in the whole world.

1.) Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is 31 years old and he joined the Nets in 2016 after three Seasons With the Golden State Warriors. His net worth is $164 million and he played new games. He is a great player and includes many sponsors. He is the richest person and even the highest-paid sportsperson.

 2.) Wayne Gretzky

Wayne Gretzky

 Wayne Gretzky is the greatest Hockey player of all time and has always played hockey. He had 900 career goals and had scored many things around. He is the world’s greatest hockey person, he believes that practicing hockey 8 hours a day will give you a championship and he does the same. His achievements are innumerable. He had a great struggling life but he overcame every situation.

3.) Jackie Robinson 

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson is the greatest person who played baseball in a world full of racism. He was ragged by his local colleagues and everyone but his fans kept him going. Slowly he never gives up on the game. Today is the best player, he is the first Black player to win the national League that is the most valuable player of wood in 1949 and his victory was a tight slap for everyone. Discrimination was torture for him but instead of crying and sobbing, he decided to get up and fight back. He was silent so that his success could make noise.

4.) Tiger Woods 

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is the person who is into Golf and he has won various championships like Grand Slams. He is 42 years old and he is still fresh. He believes that practicing regularly and doing exercise is enough to get your goal and gold medal but you should be focused enough to play Because practice like everyone is watching you. He does his practice regularly and even at night he develops different strategies and goals for himself. The different things came his way but he always stood up strong.

5.) Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi,  who doesn’t know him, is a great scholar and a soccer player of all time. He plays soccer and even Indians are his fans. He has won Golden shoe awards. He has 19 Laga titles, many championships and he believed his audience is the main reason for his victory.

 6.) Floyd mayweather

Floyd mayweather

Floyd Mayweather is the person who is the greatest athlete in boxing. His fighting makes his skill going and his never giving up attitude makes him the most perfect boxer. He is retired but the way he teaches everyone, the way he played. Everyone knows about his technical skills. They are still not accomplished by anyone.

7.) Michael Phelps 

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps is the greatest sportsperson who has done various swimming tournaments and has won model medals. He has won various medals and what more, he defined swimming as a sport because of him people knew swimming is also a sport. Swimming was just for fun for many people but Michael just set up an example for all of them and the only reason he was so outstanding and amazing.

8.) Tom Brady 

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is a Super Bowl player. His net worth is in the millions and the way he plays in the Super Bowl is just amazing. He believes that the true inspiration for him is his family; without them he is nothing. His family faced a lot of struggles for his study. They supported him and also made him realize the importance of sports in his life. His father taught him the value of sports and therefore he began his journey.

9.) Muhammad Ali 

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali is an Indian person who was in boxing and has made upon his career by going through a lot of struggles. He is the greatest person and he is an activist and a social worker. Being an Indian, he faced difficulty in various things but because he has passion and goal for his boxing. He turned out to be the best athlete despite all the troubles. He is known for his personality. People often love their bossy personality.

10.) Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is a perfect athlete and scoring title Championship his League Aziz still known in the time of races when people were discriminating. He was meeting his career when people were doubting him. He believes if you have the skill, money and a dream will come to you.

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