February 24, 2024
Rape Cases

In today’s world rape is the most heinous crime. It is a complex crime to examine or study. In most of the countries, rape crimes are even not reported or registered. It is supposed to be a stigma for women who have been raped. Due to the fear of being rejected by their families, most of the women do not dare to register a criminal case against the criminals or rapists. 

A large number of rape cases do not get registered in most of the countries. In developed or advanced countries, the number of registered cases is huge but still not all cases get reported even there. Statistics show that developed countries are more engulfed in this crime. Approximately 36% of women across the world have experienced any sort of sexual harassment or assault ay least once in their life. 

Here we represent the top 10 countries immersed in this crime most. 

1. Denmark and Finland

The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights published a report in 2014. Based on this report about 47% of women in Finland and about 56% of women in Denmark (women those surveyed) have said that they suffered physical or sexual abuse or violence. In 1994, Finland made illegal and criminalized marital rape. Only 13% of women who faced any form of sexual assault or abuse reported their cases or serious incidents to police. More than one out of ten women have faced any sort of physical or sexual abuse before the age of fifteen years. 

2. Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, the rate of rapes or sexual assault is quite bitter. At least one woman becomes a victim of this inhuman crime in every 90 minutes. The Zimbabwe National Statistics acknowledged that 500 women were sexually abused per month.  

A total of 1524 cases were reported during the first 3 months of the year, 18% up from 1285 cases recorded in the same period last year. Of these reported cases, 780 are children (ages from 11 to 16 years) while 276 were children aged between 5 and 10 years. However, there are fears that the number can be higher as some cases go unreported.

3. Australia 

In Australia, the reported rape rate is respectively high. Last year, approximately 51,200 Australians aged 18 years and over faced sexual abuse or assault.  Only one-third of the total victims of sexual assault in the recent periods reported to the police.

According to a media report, one out of six Australian women have to face the torture of rape, compared to one in fourteen women around the world. This report concluded that Australian women aged over 15 are anyhow victims of rape. Australia (combining New Zealand in the research) came third in the worldwide study in reporting rape cases with 16.4 % of women reporting being raped by someone other than a partner.

4. Canada

Sexual assault or abuse showed an abrupt growth in reported rates in Canada, among all the crimes reported to the police. Based on the media reports, about 460,000 cases of sexual abuse or assaults are happening in the country every year. The reporting rate of the rape cases to the police is 33 out of every 1,000 sexual abuses out of them only 29 are recorded as a crime.

One out of four North American women faces the torture of rape during their lifetime. This torture results in physical injuries for almost 11% of women of the total victims. The statistics department said only 6% of incidents of physical injuries are reported to the police. Over 80% of victims are women, and it is shocking that maximum incidents of abuse occur in the home and 80% of attackers are friends and family members of the victims. 

5. New Zealand

In 2013, the truth about rape in New Zealand was exposed. The sexual assault rate in New Zealand is higher than the world average. The country witnessed the third-highest rate with 16.4 % of its female population, along with Australia.

According to the government report, every two hours at least one sexual violence is happening in New Zealand. Statistics indicate that one out of three girls and one out of six boys are probably to be sexually abused under the age of 16.

6. India

Sexual abuse and rape occur in India on a large scale. The crime rate against women has gone up by 7.5% after 2010. The women of age between 18 and 30 years are the common prey for rapists. One out of ten rape victims is under the age of 14.

7. England and Wales

The UK has not recognized the acts of sexual abuse as rape that penetrate with other objects than a penis. 73000 females and 12000 males were counted as victims of sexual abuse per year, about 230 cases of rape per day. 

8. The United States of America 

19.3% of women and 2% of men have faced rape or any form of sexual abuse at least once in their lives. About 79% of victims faced these sorts of incidents before the age of 25 and 40% before the age of 14. 98% of rapists or accused criminals do not face any punishment or court trial. 

9. Sweden

Sweden stands at the second-highest rank for sexual assaults around the world because of a higher rate of 53.2 per 100000 persons. The number of reported rapes has grown up from 421 in 1975 to 6620 in 2014. 

10. South Africa

The number of approximately 500000 rape cases per year makes South Africa first in the rank among all countries in this heinous crime across the world. Almost 40% of the total women in the country are supposed to face sexual abuse at least once in their lives. The rate of recognized cases of rapes to the police is one out of nine. 

The roots of the crime of sexual assaults or abuses are perpetually penetrating and growing rapidly around the world. the governments and the recognized bodies around the world must take strict actions against the attackers and criminals of this heinous and inhuman act or crime. 

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