March 2, 2024
Destinations To Visit

While we all sit at home and drive out of this pandemic from our home offices and recliners, some of us can’t stop but get lost thinking about where to travel next after the unlock. We may have postponed our plans for the recent travels, but nothing can stop us from keeping the ray of hope alive. Here are the ten best places to travel in India post the COVI-19 pandemic.

1. Gurez Valley, Kashmir

Dreamy landscapes, chilly winds, mesmerizing backgrounds, and the sound of the rushing river are common sightings in Gurez valley. The regular sight of shepherds and serene mountains feels like an animation movie. Its location just below the “Line of Control” makes the valley very secure land in India. And with continuous patrolling by police makes it safe to go there and have a peaceful time, that we all need.

2. Phugtal Gompa, Jammu & Kashmir

This is the remotest monastery in Asia, Phugtal Gompa is a beautiful attraction placed in the mountain cave in Zanskar. As you start reaching the tall mountains, you witness the stunning view of the Tsarap River. There are no roads available to reach this peaceful place. You have to trek your way to this unseen place in India

3. Damro, Arunachal Pradesh

It is the base to the longest hanging bridge (1000ft) in the entire Arunachal Pradesh. A hidden path to nirvana, Damro appeals to travelers with its bamboo houses, dangling bridges, and the easygoing lifestyle of the locals. In the list of unexplored places in India, it is a rural getaway for the people who want to experience a rural lifestyle. The view of harvested crops, wild bison, a huge area of meadows and grasslands are very heartwarming and welcoming. 

4. Darjeeling, West Bengal

The word ‘Sandakphu’ depicts the height of the poison plant. It is named this after a poisonous wolfbane plant that grown naturally near the top. It is one of the very dangerous places in India, also the highest peak in Darjeeling with an altitude of 3,336 meters.

5. Lepakashi, Andhra Pradesh

It is a small town situated in Andhra Pradesh, is a place devoted to Lord Veerbhadra – the flaming avatar of Lord Shiva. There are several colorful frescos painted on the walls and the ancient ceilings of buildings and temples from Ramayana and Mahabharat. The best and cool part of this place is the hanging pillar in the main Lepakshi Temple. There is nothing supporting the pillar, but it is still floating in the air a few inches from the ground. 

6. Parule and Bhogwe, Maharashtra

Parule offers a farm staycation experience, with a touch of authentic local food. Activities like a milking cow, fishing, and walking in the plantation field will keep you engaged. The sunrise and sunset are breathtaking. Bhogwe, on the other side, swank of architectural wonders and mysterious charm. The village has old temples and rustic cottages, where you can have a relaxed vacation lazing around the coastal area. 

7. Halebidu, Karnataka 

It is marked with many forgotten shrines and temples. A wonderland for historians and archaeologists, the place is surrounded by peace and a vibe of self-satisfaction that is unknown to the modern world. 

8. Daroji Bear Sanctuary, Karnataka

You must have heard about the ruins of Hampi, but have you ever heard of a tidy and well-preserved reserve for bears known as Daroji Bear reserve. 

It is home to around 120 sloth bears, with other feral animals. If you got lucky, you can visit the watchtower and from there spot authorities providing food and water to mammoths. 

9. Moodbidri, Karnataka

It is Jain’s zion and historian’s paradise. Several Jain pilgrims add a sense of spiritual vibe to this place in India. The most popular among shrines is a thousand pillared Jain temple which is believed to be over 600 years old. 

10. Urakam, Kerala

The mesmerizing beauty, welcoming culture, skilled artists, joyful festivals, and mouth-watering food. Urakam, one of the best-unexplored wonders of India. Away from the hassle of city life, visit here to relax, refresh, and gain some pottery skills from the masters. 

Covid-19 pandemic had severely affected the economy, which must be taken into notice. But people will still go for vacations – they will just travel safe and smart. Destinations with a lower risk factor that ensures easy returns will be given priority.

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