December 9, 2023
Highest Crime Rates Cities

Yes, the world is an amazing and beautiful place for Travellers to visit in different countries and have a lifetime experience,  but where it is good there is bad. So few cities are full of danger and even people should not go there.

They have exciting and enjoyable corners but the fact is that they have a danger corner as well. So, in this article we have mentioned those ten popular cities that are full of danger and the city is associated with murder, gang activities, drug dealing. Many travelers and US citizens have found themselves in these activities and they are accused of such illegal activities. Even the criminal lawyers are appointed to handle their case and other big cities.

These cities are not safe for the people to go to. If you are getting such troubles, you should not visit these cities.

1.) Los Cabos, Mexico

Los cabos

 The city in Mexico named as Los Cabos, is considered as the top dangerous city in the whole world. This is full of crime rate, violence cities and even the citizens report the crime. Even the country citizens are just not proper with the murder rate of 113.3 per 100000 inhabitants. It will be safe to say that Los cabos is the murder capital of the city and the population is of 328000.  The people are here going for a drug trade.

2.) Caracas, Venezuela


 Caracas, this city of Venezuela is having 111.19 murders per 100000 inhabitants and is not safe for the visitors as the kidnapping rates are so high. In this dangerous city, where people are afraid to live. They are encountering dangers in their day to day life. This city is not good for visiting. Though we agree that there are slight good areas to visit but for visitors it has been the most dangerous city to go.

3.) Acapulco


Acapulco is another Mexican City that is on the list. The murder rates are slightly higher that is 113 murders per 100000 inhabitants and the dangerous cities in the whole world. The crime rate has increased over the years. Violence like drug trafficking, gang, kidnapping, prostitution is on top here. Even tourism may have launched public safety but it is not focusing on supporting the visitors. Visitors can face a lot of danger over here. If it is important to go then only visit this city otherwise ignore it.

4.) Tijuana


We are not surprised that you are not aware about this city. We know that in terms of beautiful destinations, it without any doubt  is the best. It is the busiest land. So the less the people here are indulged, the more they are in danger that they don’t even know what to do.  Many gang rapes are encountered here. This has made this city the most dangerous city.

5.) Victoria 


Victoria, this is the other City you should never travel to and unless your life depends on it. This has probably the highest murders that are encountered here and it is among the worst cities you will go.

It approximately has 86 murders and few robberies and attacks. There is a lot of corruption in the drug trade. Even it is not safe to wander the streets at night. You can easily witness clashes with soldiers and police around the city. More people are killed and sometimes the culprit is not even behind the bars.

6.) Ciudad juárez

Ciudad juárez

This city also comes among the dangerous cities in the world. The murder rate is about 189 per 100000. The prostitution rate is so high that even from one lakh almost thirty girls are in kidnapped and child trafficking is around the corner. Childs are not safe. You have to agree that people who are staying in this city for a very long time. They also have witnessed the robbery and find this place a dangerous one.

7.) Et la photo

Et la photo

 This city is the worst city that you will ever encounter. This is full of gang rapes and this city is not good to stay in. If you are a visitor you should avoid travelling to this city until and unless it’s very important.

8.) Neta Brazil 

Neta Brazil

This is the capital city of Rio Grande and has stunning beaches for the area is not safe at all the drug rates are on top. The murder and the violence rate is so high. People are encountering murders at every place. The police protection is not so good. They have been idealizing the culprit without arresting them. This city is the drug capital as well.

9.) Fortaleza


 This city in Brazil, is in the north eastern coast but is mainly experiencing gang violence as compared to other cities. The Gangs are in different states and those visitors who are coming here can witness a lot of crime. This is the crime capital.

10.) Leon


This city is known for the prostitution and child trafficking. The visitors are kidnapped and they have never been found. Even the body parts are sold over here. This city has turned out to be the most dangerous city.

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