December 8, 2023
Highest Salary Paying Jobs

In the world of changing job sectors that have peaked through the years, some promising jobs and professions have been luring, not only in terms of pay but experience also. Here is a list of the highest salary paying jobs in India. The list also includes some very unique and respected professions resulting in high pay.

Highest Salary Paying Jobs & Career Options

Let us see some most popular and highest paying jobs for Indians.

1. Merchant Navy

Merchant Navy

It is a very tough and demanding job, hence is paid well on a monetary basis. The payment is a point of consideration for joining the Merchant Navy. Although, the entry-level post is paid less as you gain proper experience payout increases exponentially. If applying for merchant navy, one has to be physically perfect and should mentally be prepared to be on board for at least 8-9 months. 

The candidate should be 12th pass with mathematics, chemistry, and physics. Salary package ranges from Rs. 12000-800000 per month. 

2. Civil Services

Civil Services

Indian Civil Services job is the most decorated one in India. This job not only gives you job security and the respect of a civil servant. There is three classification under civil services: IAS – Indian Administrative Services, IFS – Indian Foreign Services and IPS – Indian Police Services.

Currently, civil services are the highest paying job in the country. The post comes with a certain amount of power and authority to make policies to maintain law and peace in the nation. 

Qualification required for this is to graduate in any stream and after that clear the exam of IAS, UPSC, IAS, IPS exams. Salary varies from Rs. 55,000-2,50,000 including travel allowances, house rent, and durance allowance)

3. Medical Profession

Medical Profession

Doctors are most of the time seen practicing in their private clinics or the hospitals and believed to make a large amount of money. Doctors have a job in both public and private hospitals getting attractive salary based on their specializations. Many hospitals most of the time hire specialists for a particular case and pay them very well. 

Qualification required for being a practicing doctor in India is too clear MBBS, BDS, MD, BAMS, etc. after completing class 12th. Salary varies from 25,000 in government hospitals and 35,000 in private hospitals and there is no maximum limit of earning in the private sector. 

4. IT Professionals

IT Professionals

IT sector has attracted many people to emerge in India as one of the best IT service providers in the world. The changing technology with the changing time requires skilled professionals who know the wave of change and get amazing salary benefits for it. In the IT sector, various technologies can help you earn attractive packages like Cloud engineers, Big data engineer, mobile apps developer, data architect, data security and information systems, etc. 

Qualification required to work as an IT professional is to get an engineering degree from a good college and get skilled in some technologies. Salary ranges from 7l to 50l per annum. 

5. Engineering


Engineering is a degree that works as a qualification certificate, it has come up in light with multiple variations. In today’s time, there is an engineering degree in electronics, mechanical, civil, chemical, and computers. With time there have been few new additions like Biotechnology, agriculture information technology, genetic engineering, aerospace, and much more. 

Qualification requirements are to get a degree from IIT or a well-known institute for technical studies. Salary ranges between 30,000-1.5l per month. 

6. Chartered Accountant 

Chartered Accountant

CA handles the financial part of every business, as long as the business exists, CA’s will be always in need. All CA’s do not get attractive packages, only the ones who have cleared in the first attempt are given the best packages in the industry. It is mandatory to have 3 years of experience for being a certified chartered accountant. 

The minimum qualification is to graduate with min. 60% in commerce to apply for CA. After that candidate has to pass three levels of exams and 3 years of experience.

Salary varies from 7l-70l per year. 

7. Company Secretary 

Company Secretary

They are considered as the back support in companies for making policies, stating compliances and smooth operating and handling all the board of directors. 

A secretary can offer advice and question the management’s decisions and yet serve a pivotal role in the company. 

Qualification required for CS is a minimum 12th class. Salary ranges from 30,000 to 1.5L per month. 

8. Management Consultants

Management Consultants

They are mainly MBA graduates or management professionals who provide business consulting services according to their skills and experience. They work on the consultation charges or can work on percentage-based earning. 

Qualification required is to have an MBA degree and salary varies from 45000-2.5L per month. 

9. Lawyer


Lawyers help in saving individuals from the crime they have committed or may not have. It is nothing new to hear that lawyers charge a great chunk of fees and save you from all legal problems. Lawyers are further classified into the family, corporate, real estate, criminal, bankruptcy, and entertainment. 

Graduation after BA LLB and specialization as MA LLB is the qualification requirement. Salary ranges from 13L minimum per annum. 

10. Aviation Services


These are the commercial flying jobs with airlines as pilots. Pilots take a huge chunk of salaries on the nature of their work. The responsibility that comes with this job is like nothing compared to any other job. A pilot has to spent around 45lacs and additional for gaining 200 hours of flying experience to become a commercial pilot. 

The minimum criteria are to pass 12th grade and minimum height 152 cm according to Indian aviation standards. Salary ranges between 3L to 8L.


Many jobs pay well, all matters are your knowledge and skillsets. 

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