March 2, 2024
Tips For Hair Care

When you crib your hair that is not at all beautiful. They are the best part of your beauty and you can transform them and grow them but many people are facing problems in hair growth.

 If they brush their hair, falling occurs therefore that they are not able to cope but do you know how you can improve your hair and everything by doing just small remedies at your home and by using the natural remedies. Natural remedies are the best part because it contains the natural resources. If you go for the chemical treatment, then it is going to harm your hair so much that you won’t be able to gain it back. So for your best and your beauty, you should know what are different hair remedies that are important for you and how they will help you. This can help in your hair growth and will make you more and more beautiful. So let’s start with the tips:

1.) Mayonnaise mask 

Mayonnaise mask

This mask is a super hydrating hair mask. It is a deep conditioner or hydrating hair mask. You just have to do a dollop of mayonnaise depending upon the hair length and massage it into your hair. After 20 minutes, then set this will help you to know how much you can grow your hair and will make you look beautiful.

2.) Banana mask 

Banana mask

As we all know that Banana is a great source of potassium which can do even wonders in your hair. The banana can make your hair healthy and also increase your elasticity. The Mask is pretty simple, requiring just one side of the banana and mash the banana properly and put it in a food blender for a paste at a tablespoon of milk. Lighting the consistency that it gets converted into the paste and keep the mass for 20-30 minutes and wash it with your regular shampoo. It will show improvement.

3.) Use beer 

Use beer

 Beer is known for its luxurious effect on hair and the smoothness that it provides to the hair. Just pour the liquid into the container for a night. Then keep it for a night and with your shampoo rinse your hair with the beer. It will give you the result. You can rinse it with cold water. It will work like a conditioner and will smoothen your hair. 

4.) Onions 

onions for hair

Onion is the perfect solution for hair growth. Take out an onion and grin it properly. So that they trained the liquid out of the onion and applied it to the roots and let it be there for 20 min and wash it off. This will give you a good look. Onions are the best source of protein.

4.) Conditioner Curd

Conditioner Curd

Curd is the main source of smoothness as per your hair and it has all the nutrients to make silky and smooth hair when it is combined with aloe vera and lemon. It makes a perfect solution. The curd will give you more strength and will fight with dandruff. So don’t waste your time and do it as soon as possible.

5.) Don’t Brush your hair too much

Don't Brush your hair too much

Don’t brush your hair so much, if you are brushing it regularly then it will be spoiled. So wait and then brush your hair. Reminder excess of anything is harmful.

6.) Oiling 


Oiling, sometimes we skip oiling in here and it harms you so much that we are not able to cope up with it. You need to oil your hair regularly and work on the same. Oiling will provide your hair with nourishment and will make your hair healthy and good.

7.) Use Mild shampoo

Use Mild shampoo

 If you are using mild shampoos then you are good to go for hair but if you should use harsh shampoos then you are destroying your hair. Mild shampoos are the best for use.

8.) Never use chemical treatment

chemical treatment

We repeat never use a chemical treatment, if you are not using chemical treatment try to do spas at home. It will help you out.

9.) Use almonds oil

Use almonds oil

If you can use it, you should use almond oil on your hair. As almonds are the source of nourishment and strength. Similarly, it will provide it to your body too.

10.) Tie up your hair 

Tie up your hair

Tie up your hair more as much as possible because if you are not doing it you are losing the major part of your hair and that is not at all good for you. The more you will tie up your hair, the more it will grow and you don’t have to face any kind of issues. Never take your hair lightly. The more it will grow, the more you will feel good and comfortable.

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