October 1, 2023
Ideas To Change The Look of Your Home Office
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No matter you are working from home or made yourself a nice corner for something you love to do like writing, designing, or making music, your home office should be the place that does not stop the flow of creativity inside you. But often home office can be very side-lined – dirty, sad, and very uninspiring, wanting us to sit and work somewhere else. To build and renovate your workspace, we have listed down great tips and trends that will turn around the looks and vibes of your workspace. 

1. Think Chic

Your workspace should motivate you and it should give a vibe that defines your personality. You can give a touch of black on a wall to add some drama and a sense of depth to your workspace and for perfect lighting a chandelier just above the desk. For your all storage needs, a wood tiled sideboard will be a great option, it can hold all your office stationery and other regular supplies. 

2. Add some Greens

Make your workspace breathable, so you’ll want to spend more time in there. Make sure that your space is perfectly balanced and is practical, clean, comfortable, and ergonomic. All these elements together and balanced will make your work office the place nobody wants to leave. Plants help in making you feel calm and also purify the air. There are many indoor planting options like a money plant, jade plant, or a snake plant, they all are low on maintenance and good for clean oxygen. 

3. Get little Artsy

Throw in some frames that scream you. Fill in your space with colorful art to give an energetic vibe and make you feel inspired. You can create your artworks and place them, or you can print photos clicked by you and use them as wall arts. 

4. Get yourself a Rug

Cover your ground space with a vibrant rug, it will work as a great place to lie down and it will also work as a sound absorber. Multi-colored rugs look great with green and peach colors. You can also go with some neutral shade like a gray color rug. 

5. Practice Hygge

Make it warm and welcoming but not too cozy and comfortable that all you want to do is snooze off. Some neutral colors on the walls and floors, combined with wood, some plants, and some quilts, pillows, or few yarn hangings, will give a simple and cozy vibe to your workspace. 

6. Hang a gallery wall

It is your workspace, throw in whatever you want. Make a gallery wall on the neutral wall. Always use removable tapes to stick your prints, allows you to change around in the future without ruining your walls. 

7. Mix in Old-New 

It is okay to get some items from the other rooms or steal somethings from your best friend’s room. A combination of vintage and modern décor looks amazing and gives the space a personal and warm feeling. You can also go with subtle color combinations, so it doesn’t look too much distracting. 

8. Let Light in

Natural light makes the feel of space bigger than the usual which always helps in small spaces. You can install fog glasses on the windows, so you don’t have to put the curtain on every time. This passes through enough light for the plants to survive and yourself lively. 

9. Work in Color

Do not always go with what’s in the trend, choose a color that defines you and your likes. You can add some blue to the cabinet and the room will look very attractive. There are many options to add like paintings, wall arts, dream catcher, and much more. 

10. Optimize your Workspace

The organization is the key to a clean and inspiring workspace. No one wants to work in a dirty and messy office, do not waste your space putting wrong things. Use cabinets for your supplies to stay organized. 


Now that you’ve all set-up, sit in, and work in your own happy space. Bring some friends over, make coffee, and vibe in. 

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