December 6, 2023
Expensive Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are a major need in our daily lives. A person’s mobile phone is his gateway to everything that happens in their life. With the advancement in technology, now it seems as if your mobile phone can do everything that your computer can do. In this article, we’ll have a look at the top ten costliest mobile phones around the world. 

1. Black Diamond iPhone 5 

Phone by Stuart Hughes has built an iPhone 5 with black and gold diamonds that make it the most expensive smartphone ever in the world. It has taken nine weeks to build and complete the device. The case of this phone is made of 24-carat solid gold and the edges and logo of this phone are studded with six hundred white diamonds. Its home button also consists of a 26-carat black diamond.

2. Diamond Rose iPhone 4 32GB 

The second most expensive iPhone in the world to date is the 32 GB iPhone 4 Diamond Rose by Stuart Hughes. The bezel is made of rose and approximately five hundred individual flawless diamonds that total over hundred-ct. The back of this phone contains rose gold and the logo all covered with fifty-three additional diamonds and the front navigation button contains platinum with interchangeable single cut rare 8-carat or 7.4-carat pink Flawless diamonds in the center. 

3. Supreme Goldstriker iPhone 3G 32GB 

Third most expensive mobile phone around the world, a variant of the iPhone from Apple. It’s a case made of 271 grams of solid 22k gold and a screen trimmed with 53, 1-carat diamonds. Also, the home button is made with a single rare 7.1-carat diamond. Not enough, it also comes in a chest carved from a single block of sports Kashmir gold and granite.

4. iPhone 3G King’s Button 

This 4th most expensive mobile is still occupied by a variant of the iPhone. The creator of this phone is a renowned jeweler from Austria Peter Alisson. This amazing phone has installed expensive 138 diamonds. The home screen of the phone is served with a beautiful white diamond of 6.6 carats which enhances the beauty of this phone.

5. Goldvish Le Million 

It was designed by renowned designer Emmanuel Gueit, who designed lots of luxury jewelry and watches. This greatly designed and costliest phone, “Le Million” Piece Unique, was launched in Switzerland. This beautifully designed phone is bejeweled with 18 thousand white gold and 20 carats of VVS1 diamonds.

6. Diamond Crypto Smartphone 

Based on Windows CE, this expensive mobile was designed by luxury accessories maker Peter Alisson. This unique object art is tagged as the most expensive phone in the world. This phone is cover adorned with fifty diamonds, ten of which are the rare blue ones. Apart from this, a few sections of it are made in rose gold as well.

7. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

This phone comes from a traditional purveyor of luxury handsets – Gresso and is called Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot. It was established in 2005 in Switzerland, made of solid gold weighing 180 grams. The back panel of this phone is made up of African backwoods that are old for more than 200 years. This phone’s keys are made of sapphire crystal. 

8. Vertu Signature Cobra 

It ranks eighth of the world’s most expensive mobile phones. This phone is quite exclusive to the existence of forms such as the Cobra snake on the phone. It was designed by French jeweler Boucheron, the phone features one round white diamond, one pear-cut diamond, two emerald eyes, and 439 rubies.

9. BlackDiamond VIPN Smartphone

This expensive phone was created by Jaren Goh, a concept for Sony. This phone features a polycarbonate mirror, mirror detailing and an organic LED technology. It is beautifully decorated with two diamonds, one on the back of the phone and another in the navigation buttons.  

10. iPhone Princess Plus

It has a feature that is not so much different from other iPhones, which makes this into the top 10 most expensive mobile phones in the world. The designer of the iPhone is Austria, Peter Alisson. Besides the gold, this special iPhone comes with no less than 180 brilliant-cut diamonds and 138 princess cut And according to Peter Alisson, the diamonds have the best quality, so owning such a smartphone is quite a remarkable thing. 

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