December 9, 2023
Most Famous Transgender People

Transgender are those people who are not included in male or female. They have their community. They are the people who have different hormones or body parts that define them differently. They cannot give birth to a baby. Even they cannot live a normal life as other human beings do. They are rejected by society but some transgenders have created their own identity and are the richest people in the world and these top 10 people are creating the difference zonal in the whole world.

1.) Andreja Pejic

Andreja Pejic

Andreja Pejic is an Australian model and she went to reassignment surgery in 2014 she walked for both men’s and women’s fashion shows. She launched a campaign for being transgender. The campaign launched raised more than $60000 she is getting more and more brand collaborations and is fighting for transgender today and for the whole transgender community.

2.) Shaz Boneo

Shaz Boneo

 Shaz boneo family is known as the best transgender model and was a lesbian. Then she went to a gender reassignment surgery in 2008 they are now known by sharez name and is a well-known author and socially active person. He sets the best example for all the people around there. 

3.) Kelly milane 

Kelly milane

Kelly Milane was known as Frank and worked with Lennox Lewis as a boxing promoter but she underwent gender reassignment surgery. As soon as his surgery was completed. Then from there onwards she is known by her name Kelly. She is a social servant and is finding many social transgenders.

4.) Amanda Lepore

Amanda Lepore

Amanda was gay and then went he multiple surgeries to get the female Desire look. Now he is featured in many fashion brands and magazines. Even his family rejected his reality but due to the confidence she carried, she decided to go through the surgery and get the desired look.

5.) Carmen Carrera

Carmen Carrera

Carmen Carrera was born in the trust of a Roman and hoy Fame in the reality show named you Paul’s drag race. She has been an actress-model and a performer since 2011. She went through multiple surgeries to gain a proper look. Surgeries were a very bad part of her life but when she came out strong, she started loving herself.

6.) Laverne Cox 

Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox, her net worth is $46 million. She was the first transgender person in history to be nominated for a primetime Emmy award and was also featured in the Time magazine. She has been in the lead role in the Netflix originals Orange Is the New Black and many more. She is the first transgender model and a star and has on a television show named transform me.

7.) Alexis


 Alexis is a famous acting family and she is transgender and she has released many shows and books that had been published. She has also received many awards and many audiences. She also has a great fan base on social media. Besides social media, even in real life people love and adore her. They believe her to be a true and lovable person.

8.) Conchita Wurst

Conchita Wurst

Conchita Wurst, an Australian pop star both supporting male and female aspects. On one side she shows makeup, long lashes, and a beard. With a beard, she depicts a man. She is proud of herself. She is getting all the things in her life and she has great talent. As Conchita believes, when you will face your reality the others will do the same. If you are not facing your reality, then how can you expect others to do that. The reason he shows both the aspects on his face is similar. He wants everyone to accept the way he is without misinterpreting or changing something. And today when he is a successful person and his name remains on top. He wants every person to get this message.

9.) Laura Jane Grace

Laura Jane Grace

Laura Jane Grace, she is a singer of the rock band against me and has a net worth of $5 million and she is the most chosen personality in the whole world and most importantly has many fans following. She believes transgenders are also a part of society and should be treated equally. Laura is the person who started different campaigns for the betterment of the people. Laura just believes in reality and supports. She wants to support those transgenders who are not able to speak.

10.) Caitlyn Jenner 

Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner previously known as Bruce Jenner was an international athlete featured in many things. The net worth if we talk about is $100 million and it’s coming in the various seasons like season 10 for the different transformation communities. Apart from that, it’s a motivational speaker and a socially active person. Growing from a zero to this point had a great struggle.

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