December 8, 2023
Most Horror Movies

 If you talk about most horror movies and the series we love them, they are adventurous and thrilling. But you know what are the differences that have created these movies the top horror movies of all time. Everyone even at the theatres was so scared that they left the theatre in the interval. 

So let’s explore these different Hollywood movies that were amazing and that created something better And Deadly than a Nightmare.

1. Halloween 


Halloween as the name suggests, the movie has something fishy. It was full of bloody and graphic things that create a difference. Michel mayor was a child who killed his parents as a child and is institutionalized. After that, he escaped and continued his killing. This movie has everything that is a blend of realism and Supernatural things. He is a human but he lacks humanity. He had a superpower and was a socioPathy and a very creepy thing. It was as scary as hell and more than anything. The ghost was not there but it was scary.

2.  Nightmare On elm Street 

Nightmare On elm Street

Nightmare On Elm Street is the scariest movie that you will ever see. Freddy Krueger is very expensive and expressive. He upgraded his role in the movie and scary acting in the film. The child molester and murder killed many local parents and reached their children through dreams and it was a deadly film. One should see this if they are fond of this movie.

3. Night of the living dead 

Night of the living dead

If we talk about this movie, this movie is actually about zombies and had faced many things and showed many horrible things. A pair of siblings are visiting their father’s Grave but then suddenly their fathers come out of the grave and it just causes the worst horror encounter. It is a  contemporary film. It is considered the scariest film ever made.

4. Possessed Child

Possessed Child

This movie changed the era of horror movies. It is from the novel by William Peter. The intense and terrifying special effects were done in the film and it was news that it caused everyone associated with the film injured, died or suffered. This was a cursed film. Even theatres banned this movie for personal reasons.

 5. Suspiria


 Suspiria was a forced film of Dario Argento, soon he discovers the school is run by murders and megahertz range. This fill was full of suspicious activities and thrilling adventures. The movie created a zonal that is so scary and most people were so fond of this movie. It has a death scene.

6. Texas Chainsaw massacre

Texas Chainsaw massacre

Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the first feature film of the top which was a scary film, and the way wearing humans keys to eat the flesh of his victim and use their bones as a series. There was a  brutal draw controversial overhead now and then. It took place on many screens but there were many things to understand so it was a mixed film with many credits and tortured porn. It created a simple horror two men find themselves in a diabetic bathroom with instructions or how they can escape from the situation. It was a dangerous game.

7. Ringtone


Ringtone is a movie that created something great in the whole horror industry. It was more scary, fun, and twisted, and a big mystery. As the name suggests it was a deadly mystery related to ringtone.

8. Conjuring 


Conjuring is a film that was wonderful and has its different parts.  A family comes to a home and then they surround themselves with a lot of negative activities and a lot of bad energies. So it created many things that were so horrible. Even when the people watched this movie in the theatre, they suffered from a heart attack. It was banned in theatres.

9. Excorcism of Emily Rose

Excorcism of Emily Rose

The excorcism of Emily Rose,  this story stares at a girl who was 16 years old and then possessed by many different spirits including Hitler, and this showed how the exorcism was done but she was not able to survive. She became so weak that she was not able to eat food. She licked her fluid and she was getting older by day. This showed the bad effect of spirits.

10. Excorcism


Excorcism is the ritual performed when a human is possessed by a spirit. This movie became the most horror movie of all time because of the scary scenes and effects that it contained. The movie had its version. It was the best scary movie ever made. When it was released everyone was so fond of watching this amazing movie. Because of the 3D effects and the scary effects, it became a blockbuster.

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