December 8, 2023
Most Popular Youtubers

 If you talk about live streaming, all cooking shows or music updates, and everything related to music and different talents around the world. We just find one platform that is suitable and the platform name is YouTube. YouTube supports every kind of talent Be it cooking, makeup, Mehndi, or anything. You will find every kind of channel over here but do you know there is the topmost channel that is available and is so great that we are in love with the channels. They have the most subscribers and fan following and the videos just cross millions. Do you know such types of channels that exist? Let’s see what the big hit labels Around The World have created for us.

1.) Movie clips 

Movie clips

Movie clips or with 43 million subscribers is the most impressive name that has a different license of movie clips around the internet from famous blockbuster to Indian classic, you can find a used array of scenes here. It has created a lot of things in our life and it is the most famous channel in the world. Youtuber is well known for its functionality.

2.) Big hit labels

Big hit labels

 Big hit labels with the most popular channel with cake pops including BTS  have done various things and it is growing more and more every day. The YouTuber who started it with zero has now actually gained 50 million subscribers on his channel. The greatest thing that you will ever find on the internet.

3.) Eminem music 

Big hit labels

Eminem is the US Rapper and actor. Eminem has created the YouTube channel for the growing ground of musicians and has 50 million subscribers and various music videos that are so popular Around The World. Eminem is known for its music purpose only.

4.) Fernanfloo


Fernanfloo with 40.2 million subscribers is a person who is known for his gameplay videos and wacky antics. You can also see the apperance of dogs in his video. His YouTube channel videos are liked by many people around the world. He is best known for his hard work and growth.

5.) Blackpink 


Blackpink is the first pop up group on the list with 48.2 million subscribers introducing black ink it is a great channel you will ever see. People love this channel so much and its insights are tremendous. Youtuber is known by this name. Black pink with the name is amazing and so is the content.

6.) Marshmallow 


Marshmallow is around one such thing with 45 million subscribers and music videos publicity appearance and everything. You can find this channel with great content. The content even gets viral and people share it so much. The YouTuber started it with nothing but now he has everything. Marshmallow YouTuber is the great channel and most followed one.

7.) ZeeTV


 ZeeTV is an Indian channel with a lot of Indians having the promos interviews and everything in the TV shows is uploaded on this channel and these are the best channels in the world. Different movies, serials, and web series are shown on this channel. Zeetv again a company but the highest channel and with great content. 

8.) Vlad and Niki

Vlad and Niki

Nikita features two brothers with 52 million subscribers and playing and engaging in usual things and everything and experiencing more and love people so much. These two brothers’ YouTubers are the best and make funny content. These brothers are like family, sometimes they play a prank or sometimes they do some tragedy. Sometimes they tease each other and sometimes they are so delighted that they love to help each other. This channel and these YouTubers dedicate this channel to the sweet bond of brothers.

9.) Dude Perfect 

Dude Perfect

Dude is perfect with 53 million subscribers, a camp of a channel for the person with the right list of sports and everything will be found here. The perfect YouTuber started it with a vision of helping others and entertaining them. Dude perfect is again and the YouTuber is known by this name. He is smart and intelligent and the way he makes jokes is just amazing. The sports channel full of learning provides different techniques to the people. Most people have found it perfect for exercise.

 10.) Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

 Justin Bieber with 57 million subscribers is also the famous channel in the world that has created so much sensation around. Justin Bieber is a singer and a sensation among the youth. He is the most followed person on social media too. Especially the girl’s fan that he has is tremendous. Justin is a well-known personality. At a very young age, he has created a milestone with his music. The music is so well known and people can hear this music at parties. Justin Beiber is a gem for everyone.

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