March 2, 2024
Richest Women In The World

Women the source of inspiration, the source of motivation, and the source of great journey and struggle. We all have heard the famous names of men in the world that come in the richest list but do you know that there are top 10 females who are richest and they come in the list of richest people.

So let’s explore these 10 names till 2020 that have a great journey.

1.)  Françoise Bettencourt

Françoise Bettencourt

She lives in France and her net worth is $ 73.40 billion. The basic source for wealth is the brand Loreal that is inherited by family. The brand is grown to be an epic brand. It includes cosmetics. Francoise is also a social worker.

2.) Alice Walton 

Alice Walton

Alice Walton is the richest woman in the world net worth is $ 65 billion and is the daughter of Walmart founder Sam Walton. She has decided to take the fortune responsibility of Walmart. Alice Walton has done various startup schools and invests in many things and social services. She believes that the money is not worth it if you are not investing it in someone else. She believes social work is something that will give you a kick start.

3.) Julia Koch

Julia Koch

Julia Koch is 57 years old and among the billionaire’s list. She inherited the Koch industries and has various Agencies that include oil manufacturing minerals and fertilizers. She has handled every business with perfection. Julia also invests in different stock markets. It was because of her struggle and passion, she grew more and now is handling the whole empire. She always says the obstacles give you a new way to live your life. Her net worth is $ 62 billion. 

4.) McKenzie Benzo

McKenzie Benzo

McKenzie Benzo, her net worth is $57.5 billion, she is 50 years old and is the ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and award-winning novelist. She is on a rich list due to her divorce settlement and that was a divorce settlement of $35 billion. She received a quarter of her ex-husband shares and she started the anti-bullying company by standard evolution & various things. McKenzie Benzo promised to give away at least half of her fortune to the needy. She believes that her fortune is just because of the customers. The customers are the main source.

5.) Laurene Powell jobs

Laurene Powell jobs

Laurene is 56 years old and is the widow of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in 1997. She founded and became the President of the college and she has done various things in life. She started her own investment company when Steve Jobs died in 2011. Laurene inherited the stake in Disney and now is the co-founder of Apple and her net worth is $30 billion. She has shares in Apple.

6.) Jacqueline Mars 

Jacqueline Mars

Jacqueline Mars is 81 years old and has about $ 28.90 billion net worth. She is the granddaughter of Frank who founded the company and serves the business. Jacqueline is the perfect example of a woman. Jacqueline Mars is an inspiration. Jacqueline also handles her family and makes use of things very well. She believes that if people read newspapers and books every day they can grab a lot of knowledge in their life. One should not do bad things and should be a learner. Without learning life is nothing.

7.) Yang Huiyan

Yang Huiyan

Yang Huiyan, her net worth is $27.80 billion and is a self-developed Beauty with a brain.

She has made her fortune as a property developer and then a majority shareholder shape of a father’s company. Yang Huiyan is the richest woman in Asia, she also developed automatic food dispensing machines for Chinese medical Walker. Yang believes that doing meditation and different things in your life will give you more information. Handling an empire is not an easy thing, you should be able to handle stress and anxiety. This will give you more things to grow and believe in in your life.

8.) Susanne klatten 

Susanne klatten

Susanne Klatten is 58 years old. She has inherited her business from her family but has done great hard work in her life. She owns a farm. Her net worth is $ 19 billion. There was a downturn in Covid in her business but now she is back on track. She never gave up even when things were very difficult to handle. Her motivation and never-giving-up attitude made her what she is today. Passion and everything is not easy. She says you should handle every situation in your life.

9.) Gina Rinehart

Gina Rinehart

Gina Rinehart, whose net worth is $18.70 billion and she is 66 years old. She has made her fortune in Australian mining. She is known as the daughter of iron ore Explorer Lang Hancock. Gine was a chairperson of mineral extraction company Hancock prospecting group from 1992. Gina Rinehart inherited 76% of the share of the business upon her father’s death by the time she was expanded into televisions, newspapers, and but obvious agriculture and she is the richest person in the world.

10.) ZHOU Quenfei

ZHOU Quenfei

Zhou Quenfie founded a company in 1995 that specialized in Cancer anti-diabetic psychoactive and other resources and became most active during the time. She is a chemistry teacher and a self-made woman. Her net worth is $15 billion. 

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