December 9, 2023
Top 10 Multiplayer Games

Currently, there are tons of new awesome games that cater to different types of players released. From action shooters, RTS games to casual titles and social games that foster a fun gaming environment with like-minded players. However, since there are so many good titles out there, it can get daunting for some to pick one.

Luckily, we at have listed down the top ten multiplayer games you should play on your PC. We have gathered titles from different genres to help you narrow down the game that tickles your fancy.

1. Among Us

among us crewmate in  cafeteria

Let us start with one of the most popular games to date – Among Us. This fun multiplayer title created by Innersloth sees you and up to nine other players play a thrilling game where you are either cast as a Crewmate or an Impostor. Crewmates need to complete their tasks to win the game, while Impostors have to kill as many Crewmates as they can and sabotage tasks to succeed. However, the Impostors need to do their deeds discreetly, or they can get spotted and be voted off the ship!

Crewmates do not know who the Impostors are, but once they find a dead body, they can hold an Emergency Meeting and discuss among themselves who they think is the Impostor. Furthermore, the Crewmates can ask which tasks each of the survivors are doing. But since  Impostors cannot complete any tasks, they would need to bluff that they are one of the Crewmates to avoid being voted off.

Ultimately, Among Us is a fun game to play with friends. It’s a game where you get to see who among them are good at fooling others as Impostors and who are good at deducing who the real Impostors are.

2. Mobile Legends

mobile legends game

For the more competitive players, Mobile Legends would definitely ring a bell. Mobile Legends is a wildly popular MOBA that sees you and four other players team up and battle against another five-man squad in epic clashes. Each player uses a unique hero who possesses powerful abilities and skills that players can cast to turn the tide of the battle in their team’s favor.

Mastery of your heroes is essential in this game since your team compositions matter. Squad up with your friends and climb up the ranks or make your mark by entering the solo queue and rack up wins left and right!

3. Call of Duty Mobile

call of duty game

If tactical first-person shooters are your cup of tea, Call of Duty Mobile is the multiplayer game for you. Each game sees you lock and load with your preferred firearms that include machine guns, rifles, handguns, and other ordinances.

A highly dynamic and action-packed game, Call of Duty Mobile sees you squad up with other players and try to accomplish the mission based on the game mode you are playing on. As with most FPS games, you have to be a Deadshot that can take out key targets with precise aiming and timed shots. Otherwise, you can go guns-blazing and hope to mow down the opposition.

4. Brawl Stars

brawl stars

If the realistic tactical shooters are too much for you yet you still want to shoot down enemies, you should try Brawl Stars. Created by Supercell, this fun multiplayer game sees you pick a character who has a unique attack and superpower to hit opponents and win matches.

You can either team up with up to two other players for team-oriented game modes such as Brawl Ball and Gem Grab, or try to tough it out and beat others in Showdown. The more matches you win, the more characters you get to unlock and use. Choose which Brawler fits best with your playstyle and dominate the other players!

5. WarFriends

war friends

Another fun multiplayer arcade shooter, WarFriends has you control your very own tactical squad members through a battlefield alongside some teammates as you try to shoot down the opposing team. You have to make the most out of the terrain and look for cover while you locate your opponents to ensure you can hit them all while safely tucked away.

Pick and choose which soldier you will send out and arm them with the proper weapons to ensure they can blitz through the opposing team’s defenses. That said, you also have to be wary of what your opponent is doing—they might be waiting for you to make the wrong move and capitalize on it to make you lose your troops!

6. Brawlhalla

For those who enjoy fighting games and Beat Em Ups, Brawlhalla is a good multiplayer game to check out. This game lets you pick a fighter from a robust roster and duke it out against three other players in a free-for-all melee. Moreover, each fighter has their own set of skills and abilities. However, you will have to pick which one you feel plays the closest to your preferred style.

Moreover, each map you fight over is picked at random, and you will need to be good at jumping and platforming while dodging enemy attacks. Once you have a clear shot at the enemy, you can unleash your devastating attacks to knock them off the stage. The last fighter left standing is the winner.

7. Auto Chess

If you are itching for a game that incorporates more strategy in its game mechanics, you should try Auto Chess. This Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game sees you battle other players in a riveting round-robin style chess tournament. But instead of the usual chess pieces, you will need to select and place an assortment of pieces on your side of the board. Once you have placed your pieces, the battle ensues against your opponent’s pieces.

This game rewards players who can pick certain builds and place their units to ensure they can wipe out the opposing players’ pieces. As such, you will have to be attentive and recognize which units or pieces will complement the build you are running. Once you have that locked down, watch your opponents fall one by one.

8. Skylanders: Ring of Heroes


For those who fancy some awesome Role-Playing Games (RPG), Skylanders: Ring of Heroes is a fun title to play. Starring Spyro the Dragon and his friends, you are tasked to build your band of heroes and go through dungeons to help Sypro reclaim their realm for a dastardly force.

This game has tons of different creatures with special abilities to help you clear dungeons and defeat monsters in a quick fashion. You can also upgrade them to unlock more powerful attacks and take down harder bosses in the process! Mix and match the different creatures and allies you encounter to see which build works best for you.

9. Poptropica


For those who want to have a different yet child-friendly role-playing game to sink their teeth into, Poptropica is a nice game to try out. Created by the Pearson Education’s Family Education Network, this game comes from Jeff Kinney, the author of the popular children’s book series Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Poptropica takes place in a small cozy town. You get to create your own character and explore your neighborhood with your friends to kickstart your many zany adventures. This includes solving mysteries and puzzles, playing at the arcade, and sprucing up your clubhouse where your gang can hang out.

10. Roblox


Wrapping up the list is Roblox, a game that lets you create and play pretty much anything you want. Essentially a world builder title, Roblox has also been a platform for budding game designers and programmers to help them create their very own games for other players to enjoy. The available games you can play in Roblox range from simple arcade titles to extravagant RPGs, where you explore the game’s world that was designed by other players.

What’s more is that if you feel like you have a fun and awesome idea for a game, you can also try creating your very own title. In Roblox, the limit to your enjoyment is your imagination—make your own game, play other players’ great titles, and have your friends tag along with you for unforgettable experiences each time you log in!

And that’s our list of the ten best multiplayer games. If you wish to know more about what other games we have on our platform, visit There you will see tons of fantastic games that you can play on your PC for free!

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