December 8, 2023
Muscle-Building Exercises

Everybody has different body physic. Some people have lean physic and some people have body type with more fat. Both types of people need to exercise for maintaining body shape, weight, agility, fitness. There are only two formulae for people, one with more muscles and weight, and the other one is lean and hard gainers. One is exercising consistently and the other is a healthy but maintained diet plan. One thing should be clear in your mind that to gain something according to your goal, you have to be persistent and diligent.

If you break the rules it ruins all the progress you have made till now. This is not a one day move. You have to maintain diligence and discipline, and eventually, it will fall in as per your accordance. It is quite hard for people who are hard gainers and lean, to gain muscles but with the help of recommended exercises. So we are here to help them out with the best muscle gaining exercises.

1. Squats


Squats are of different types. For lower body and for the upper body. Squats develop muscles and strength. Squats are mostly helpful for leg and butt muscles but varying the position of legs and depth of squats, it can help to grow all the muscles of the lower and upper leg. Observing good form and perfect posture always yields the best results within a minimum time span. Different types of squats can be performed such as barbell front squats, barbell back squats, dumbbell squats, dumbbell lunge, single-leg squats, split squat, hack squat, wide stance squat, pistol squat, etc.

2. Benchpress


Again it is really important to perform benchpress in a proper posture to avoid shoulder pain down the years. Get your elbow and back in a suitable arch. It takes off unnecessary pressure from shoulders and implying triceps benchpress becomes stronger and safer. There are different types of benchpress such as close grip bench press, lying triceps extension, dumble floor press, etc.

3. Wide grip pull-ups

Wide grip pull-ups

Wide grip pull-ups improve upper body strength by effecting upper body parts like shoulder, chest, back, arms. This exercise contracts and relaxes the latissimus dorsi while it creates motion. Wide grip pull-up is a magnificent exercise because it involves numerous muscles like latissimus dorsi, trapezius, thoracic erector spinae, rhomboids, infraspinatus, teres minor, external oblique.

4. Plank


Plank is a bodyweight exercise that helps you in getting body shape. This exercise involves the core muscles of the body. Core muscles are a group of midsection muscles. Core muscles help in transferring the force from one part to the other part of the body. Core muscles support abdominal muscles, back & spinal column. Plank exercise also affects the neck, shoulders, biceps muscles, butt muscles. Plank exercise improves core performance, boosts your metabolism, posture, increases flexibility, etc. There are some types of planks such as the basic plank, elbow plank, leg raised plank, one side plank

5. Deadlift


The deadlift is the best muscle gaining and strength-building exercise and one of the difficult exercises as well. It has numerous benefits for different body parts. Because it is a difficult exercise there are higher chances of getting injured if one performs without absolute guidelines and skills. To perform deadlift you need arched back, shoulders, and arms, powerful core, good grip, stable foundation. This exercise becomes more challenging with the addition of more weight. It is a full-body movement exercise. When you perform deadlift you need proper foot positioning, back positioning, head positioning, hand positioning, and breathing. While performing deadlift it is must to wear supportive gears.

6. Overhead press

Overhead press

The overhead press makes the whole body to work. Shoulders and arms the main body parts that make efforts to lift the bar over your head. The whole body must be in a perfect posture to make balance you and the bar. During overhead press that muscles work are shoulders, arms, rotator cuff, taps, abs, legs, back. For safety measures press with full grip but thumbless wrap so you can drop the bar when you are unable to raise the bar. Lock your elbows once the bar is at the top it provides the strength to the skeleton to hold the bar and weight.

7. Inverted rows

Inverted rows

The inverted bodyweight row is an effective exercise for muscle gain. This exercise gains and strengthens the muscles in the back, core, biceps, forearms, and grip. This exercise makes your back stronger. It improves back muscles and fitness levels, and it contracts latissimus dorsi. It is easy on joints, great for contractile specificity. Different types of inverted rows are free bent inverted row, tempo inverted row, feet elevated inverted row, TRX inverted row, incline chest supported row, etc. while performing inverted row you should heed some wrongdoings to avoid injuries that are do not lead with hips, incorrect gripping, and make sure exact body posture.

8. Pull-ups


Pull-ups impact many body muscles in one go. This can be called an amalgamation of movements of muscles. It makes the impact on the shoulders, wrists, biceps, triceps, forearms, grip strength, and lats as well. While performing pull-ups all you have to do is pull or lift your body weight up. There are several variations in pull-up exercises like chin-ups, reverse grip pull-ups. Pull-ups help in losing weight, increasing intensity, increase functional strength.

9. Reverse crunch

Reverse crunch

Reverse crunch targets abdominal muscles. It contracts your abs and strengthens core muscles. It affects external oblique and rectus abdominis muscles. It increases your sports execution, stability, and body posture. While performing reverse crunch use the momentum, do rolling and unrolling according to guidelines.                           

10. Walking lunges

Walking lunges

Walking lunges gain and improve muscles of leg, core, hips, quadriceps, calves, abdominals and glutes. If you want to make walking linge more challenge add torso twist and weight. While performing walking lunge body should be upright and too much forward-leaning should be avoided. It also helps in avoiding hamstring.

There are the top 10 muscle-building exercises that affect most of the body parts and muscles and keep you fit and agile.

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