December 9, 2023
Programming Languages

The world is getting smarter day by day with the technological advancements of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Automation Technology, etc. We are using some technologies that no one ever thought would be possible. But all these technologies can only work because of the programming languages, so here is a list of top ten programming languages:

1. Python-

Python programming language

Python is getting popular in the market at a very fast pace. It is a high-level programming language focused on code readability. It has very amazing features:

– Open-source 

– Huge variety of support modules and extensive community 

– Easy to integrate with multiple web services

– Its data structures can be used by everyone

– Desktop application is GUI based. 

Python is very easy to use and is very densely packed with amazing features. Its packages are widely used in various fields like mathematics, engineering, and scientific computing. Python is highly academically inclined towards machine learning and deep learning makes this language an excellent choice. 

2. Java Script-

Java Script programming language

JavaScript language helped in building the internet. It’s a very big thing, javascript is also known as the “language of web developers”. It is a scripting language based on object-orientation. JavaScript is very widely used in the web development sector. Earlier it was started as a client-based scripting language. 

Advantages of JavaScript:

– Contains the most advanced libraries and frameworks making them easier to use.

– It is a front-end language, can be used to develop network applications on the server-side. 

– Used by tech bulls of the IT sector like Facebook, Google, YouTube, and many more. 

3. Java

Java programming language

Java is owned by Oracle corporation; it is one of the oldest and widely used programming languages. Most of the games and web applications are developed using the java language. Java plays a very crucial role in making a piece of code work. The most amazing feature that makes java popular is its platform independence. “Write once, works anywhere”. 

Advantages of Java:

– Highly used for portable and scalable across various platforms from big mainframe computers to mobile devices.

– Many new features like high performance, ultra-secure, optimized memory management. 

– It is used for developing mobile apps, web pages, and various systems.

– It is the major choice of leading tech companies in the world. 

4. Swift-

Swift programming language

This programming language was developed by Apple Corporation in the year 2014, it is a free open to all programming language. It is highly optimized, very safe, and amazing performance. It was created to be very easy to use for beginners.

Advantages of Swift:

– It needs very few codes, helping coders skilled in other programming languages. 

– Swift has some amazing features like incredible speed, dynamic libraries, small in size, and high performance. 

– Used in various big-scale software like Soundcloud, WordPress, and Mozilla Firefox. 

– Getting skilled in this programming language can get you a decent salary package.

5. GoLang

GoLang programming language

This is developed by Google itself; it is the major programming language in the market. It is an open-source language making it easy to use and create various software. It is the combination of best functions and object-based programming language. 

Advantages of Go language:

– This language is very easy to practice and at the same time, it is very powerful also. 

– GoLang is highly optimized by google and is very fast and efficient. 

– Provide high performance like c and c++ language provided.

– Widely used by startups and major companies like Twitter, Apple, Dropbox, and Jabong. 

6. C#

C# programming languages

It is created by Microsoft. C# is believed to be the most powerful and full of the potential programming language in the world of the DotNET framework. It is very powerful and works wonderfully with all the other programming languages. 

Advantages of C# language:

– Wide range of libraries makes it blazing fast. 

– It is mainly used in building back-end support for various websites like Dell, Bing, and Visual Studio. 

– It takes the help of .net to develop mobile applications and different games. 

– This language is best for developing windows-based software. 

7. C++

C++ programming languages

It is like an advanced version of the C language, very popular and preferred by many across the globe. It is very easy to use and highly critical language. It’s very old but got the potential to build amazing software for various advanced technologies. 

Advantages of C++:

– C++ has been always in trend because of high reliability and different variety of contexts. 

– C++ is mostly used to develop mobile applications and highly intensive tasks. 

– It has the potential to develop wonderful games, graphics, and VR content. 

– C++ gives various libraries and frameworks. 

8. Scala

Scala programming languages

Scala is object-oriented programming; it stands for scalable language. It is like a reinvented version of the Java language. It is making java more advanced and some amazing features like pattern matching, string comparison, and mixins. 

Advantages of Scala:

– It provides a better experience and provides increased performance.

– It has gained popularity in the open-source community because of the ability to run on JavaScript and JVM. 

– Scala is an all-rounder language, used to develop tools, libraries, and frameworks. 

9. Kotlin

Kotlin programming languages

Kotlin is a google promoted application that is dependent on Java and runs on the Java Virtual Machine. It is gaining popularity among developers. It is very compatible with android studio 3. 

Advantages of Kotlin:

– Kotlin runs smoothly with existing frameworks and java libraries. 

– This language provides better readability and user experience. 

– It has several more features like infix notation, null-pointers safety, and more. 

– It is used by companies like Pinterest, basecamp, etc. 

10. Ruby- 

Ruby  programming languages

Ruby is one of the most popular programming languages in the industry. It was created in Japan in the year, 1990. Ruby is a highly dynamic language build to ease out several programming related tasks. 

Advantages of Ruby:

– It is very easy to understand and allows the development of web pages. 

– It helps the developer to create more and codeless. 

– Many companies have built fortune using ruby-like Twitter, GitHub, Airbnb, and many more. 

– It is an open-source programming language. 

This concludes our top ten programming languages that you should learn in 2021 to stay ahead in the world of technology and enjoy the process of coding.

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