December 8, 2023

Protective wearable innovations vary from anti-bacterial t-shirts to privacy-focused outerwear. Whether seeking protection from the outdoor elements, pollution or harmful bacteria, people desire function and performance more efficiently than ever, leaving behind the clothes centered around artistic alone.

Protective fashions can be defined as clothing that includes those protectors which cover or replace personal clothing and which are designed to protect against one or more diseases or harms. Clothes may be designed to provide protection against threats experienced during specific types of work or conditions. 

Protective clothing can be divided into three categories:

Category I – ‘Simple’-designed Personal Protective Equipment. This protects the wearer against:

mechanical actions with superficial effects,

cleaning materials with soft or easily reversible effects,

risks encountered during the handling of hot components not exposing the user to a temperature exceeding 50 °C,

dangerous impacts that do not affect vital areas of the body and cannot cause irreversible lesions.

Category II – ‘midway’-designed Personal Protective Equipment that is neither simple nor complex like high-visibility clothing.

Category III – ‘Complex’-designed Personal Protective Equipment to protect against life-threatening dangers or dangers which may pose a serious and irreversible threat to the health of an individual, the immediate effects of which cannot be identified insufficient time, and covers exclusively:

respiratory protection devices providing full coverage from the atmosphere including that are used in diving;

PPE providing only limited protection against chemical attack or ionizing radiation;

emergency equipment for use within high-temperature environments, comparable to an air temperature of 100 °C or more and which may or may not be characterized by the presence of infrared radiation, blazes or the projection of large amounts of melted material;

emergency equipment for use within low-temperature environments, comparable to an air temperature of –50 °C or less;

Here we list and suggest the top 10 protective fashions that will help you in safeguarding yourself.

1. Face mask

Face mask

Nowadays breathing masks have become necessary for people in most parts of the world and are only growing in popularity. The face masks have been developed as a natural option that will further improve the user experience.

2. Spacesuit down jackets

There are many space-themed reflective bloated outerwear in the market right now, an astronaut jacket is definitely an unusual piece. The Astronautics Down Jacket embraces the fashion-forward space obsession to the fullest through “an integrated helmet hood with a transparent visor and raglan sleeves.” Instant reflective detailing further highlights the astronaut jacket, making the undercover offering as genuine as possible.

3. Prehistoric outwear

The jacket is crafted with a four-layer construction that is made up of Swiss wool protection, brushed underside, exterior nylon shell, and a waterproof sheet. These components work together to develop a jacket that’s completely waterproof, snowproof and windproof to stay the wearer feeling as protected as possible when going bent face harsh environments.

4. Cyclist breathing masks

These breathing masks are ideal for those who ride bicycles or motorcycles. The masks come in various stylish design options and cover the wearer from just below the eyes down to the base of their neck. The mask will filter out pollutants to improve the quality of the air that is inhaled when breathing and also protects the face from the elements. The protective design will prevent cold air and rain from reaching the skin.

5. Adventurer sunglasses

The sunglasses have a bridge blocker and side shields to further increase the protective kind of the outdoor eyewear style. The sunglasses comprise an integrated stainless steel leash to prevent them from being lost. The eyewear comes in a range of colors and lenses to choose from. Lenses are made of Oakley Clifden mountaineering sunglasses with Prizm technology that increases the contrast for a cleaner viewpoint in harsh environments.

6. Technical padded gilet

The sleeveless jacket is delivered in a muted colorway of gray shades mostly and its features include the PVC panel on the back, which is detachable. The shell is made from technical materials to provide a padded comfort. The jacket’s overall structure is boxy, raised high neck and decorated cargo pockets to raise the functionality of the piece. The jacket includes the drawcord hood, the transparent buckles at the front. 

7. Durable all-weather jacket

The durable jacket style was developed with a material that was originally used to handle torrential rain while motorbike racing, which attacks riders with high speed and high-pressure water. The waterproof and tear-resistant breathable design stands up against torrential rain, storms, blizzards, wind, ice, and snow.

8. Heated carbon fiber outwear

These jackets are lightweight adventure garments that will provide maximized comfort for wearers who spend a long time in the field during harsh weather. The jacket is developed with Japanese carbon fiber that is energy conversion efficient, further improved with Thinsulate technology to make sure, maximized protection against the elements.

9. Temperature regulating travel pants

These Pants are a high-quality garment for those who lead active lifestyles and who are looking for ways to maintain unrestricted comfort. The stretchable fabric is also breathable, stain-proof, waterproof, suitable to wear in any season and will also help to control the temperature of the wearer. Ultra Violet protection makes them perfect for hikers or outdoor enthusiasts seeking to protect themselves when exploring in the wilderness.

10. Ulcer detecting insoles

Smart insole technology helps diabetics as part of a doctorate in chemical engineering. Measurements are taken throughout the sole and can detect changes in the foot. The system is able to detect inflammation that has occurred, where it consequently alerts on an application on your mobile.

In addition to the ongoing climate crisis, global health issues like the COVID-19 pandemic have led people to worry and become more aware of pollutants and airborne bacteria or viruses. Many fashion brands like the Bat Hood by South Korean fashion label 99%IS- hides face to provide privacy and safeguard from rain and wind, others like the Boundary Supply Chase Pants are made with recycled fabric that works to adjust temperatures to ensure comfort to wearers.

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