February 24, 2024
Keep Yourself Protected From COVID-19

the new form of deadly coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19, which has spread all over the world. Firstly it was identified in Wuhan, China in December 2019. most of the countries have started issuing lockdowns and travel advisories. Still, there is no vaccine available yet to prevent this virus. Getting worried about you and your family safe? Don’t worry, your safety is in your safety. Some private and also government health organizations recommended some things that you should avoid to protect yourself from coronavirus. 

Some of the common symptoms include fever, shortness of breath, fatigue, cough, and loss of taste and smell. 

Primarily, it is spread between people during close contacts, more often through small droplets that produce by talking, sneezing, and coughing. Some of the recommended measures to prevent the infection include regularly washing your hands, wear a mask when going outside, avoid contact with sick people, ditch unnecessary trips, use hand sanitizer, don’t touch your face with dirty hands, and follow public health guidance given by WHO. Now, let’s talk about the top ten things you should avoid to keep yourself protected from COVID-19. 

1. Do not touch your face 

Again and again, medical advisors from world health organizations remind us, to not touch the face. According to studies, viruses can enter our bodies through the mouth, eyes, nose, and other orifices. putting dirty hands on your face can lead to an infection. don’t give these viruses the opportunity, before touching your face gently wash your hands at least for twenty seconds. This will help to reduce the chances of catching the germs from your hands that do not reach the mouth and nose. This will also reduce the chances of spreading the infection further. 

2. Do not travel unnecessarily

As this deadly virus is spreading everyone, you may affect or affect others. Airplanes and airports are more likely to catch infections. The World health organization advised to not travel unless necessary. In case of any emergency and you have to go outside, please take the required precautions. You should take care of your health and others also, so if you feel sick inform the airport staff while traveling and get yourself screened. 

3. Do not stockpile on masks

As medical organizations have declared that masks are not a more preventive way to stop the spreading of the coronavirus. It should only be worn by the people who are taking care of COVID-19 patients and infected people. Everyone is stocking the masks, the markets are facing many problems which means there are fewer masks available for the people who truly require them. You can make the masks at your home through a clean cloth, or search the method on the internet. 

4. Do not believe in the rumor

The internet is filled with lots of information about coronavirus’s symptoms and causes. until it comes from a reliable medical practitioner, do not believe anything. Many people are spreading false information to panic and misinform people. so, don’t believe in such humor until it is declared from a reliable resource. you’ll also see the advertisements about alternative ways and health kits to prevent the virus are also trending on the internet. 

5. Do not panic

As in the last point, we ‘ve talked that the internet is filled with lots of information about coronavirus. Many of these pieces of information are false just causing misinformation and panicking the people. You just need to follow the basic precautions that are recommended by the world health organization and stay safe. 

6. Do not look around for alternative treatments

Many people are looking around for alternative treatments to cure the virus, and do not seek alternatives until they are advised by medical experts. alternative treatments are not preventive to the virus. If you are infected, just follow your doctor’s advice and consult a reliable medical practitioner. 

7. Do not take antibiotics

If you feel sick, consult a doctor instead of taking antibiotics. These are not the right medication to fight the coronavirus. If you start to feel COVID-19 symptoms, immediately visit the doctor. 

8. Avoid crowded places

Public places like metros, parks, public transport, shopping malls, and any other places that have crowds, just avoid them. self-quarantine yourself if you’ve recently traveled or have symptoms.

9. Do not get in sick people

If someone is sneezing and coughing, just move away. And also for you, if you’re feeling sick, you should stay at home and keep others safe from you. Whether a person is sick or not, just avoid close contact with them. 

10. Do not remove masks when you go outside

Some of the people are not taking it seriously and going outside without wearing a face mask. before going outside, wear a mask properly and do not remove it until you come back home. 

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