December 9, 2023

Contrary to popular belief, Vastu Shastra isn’t only associated with negative energies or directions. Vastu equally impacts the health and wealth of an individual and therefore the space they’re living in. The house architecture and furniture play a serious role in affecting the health of the members. We all need a peaceful home with a healthy life for our family members and adhering to certain practices can be pleasant and give positive energy around us. For instance, placing the furniture correctly and specializing in the small print in your home will facilitate your lead a harmonious life. And so, here are some Vastu tips that radiate positivity and also promote healthiness for everybody.




We all  listen to our parents or elders that told us to sleep facing south. The southwest direction is right if you’re constructing your master suite. Never your head in the North direction. It attracts terrible vibrations. Place your bed a minimum of three to four inches aloof from the wall. Get simple wooden beds to own a sound sleep.

2. Toilet

Toilet Cleaning

Washrooms and bathrooms should be cleaned regularly to keep up proper hygiene. they will act as the centre for all bacteria-related issues. Always make sure your bathroom looks perfect with no stored water. Dripping taps attract bad health; ensure all the fixtures in your bathroom and residential are well functioning.

3. Paint on the wall

Paint On the wall

If an individual in your house is having bad health, try to paint the walls around him. Red or green colours are considered auspicious. Red attracts energy, and green is that the symbol of calmness. Also, there may be cracks or termites in walls; painting them will ensure they’re removed and cleaned.

4. Furniture settings


The placement of décor and furniture plays an important role when making a decision about the vibe and environment of your home. Never place a mirror or reflective objects sort of a TV ahead of your bed or maybe within the bedroom. Avoid darkness within the bathroom or near the stairs; make these places well lit. Use wooden or marble furniture within the classroom to enhance memory and concentration. Always tidy the storage units.

5. Ideal kitchen


Health and therefore the kitchen are undeniably interrelated. It’s advisable to face your kitchen in a very southeast direction because it attracts positive energy. However, you’ll be able to  place your stove in the east direction, together with your table it promotes good digestion. Avoid planning the kitchen or putting the stove within the Northeast direction.

6. Broken mirrors or windows

Broken Mirror

Anything broken is taken into account as a terrible omen. As an example, suppose you notice a broken mirror or rough edges in any furniture, immediately tumble, repair or change. The damaged items attract lousy luck together with anxiety and stress symptoms.

7. Pooja or mediation room

Meditation Room

Pooja or meditation room is taken into account as the foremost peaceful and pure spot in your home. confirm you place the idols within the right direction with none broken or damaged pieces. Avoid facing the idols within the south direction. Light essence sticks and candles within the evening to purify the air in your home. Plant tulsi or neem in your garden to draw in harmony and healthiness.

of India.

8. Clean the house With halite


Pink common salt can effectively improve the indoor environment. The all powerful wind element present in these crystals eliminates negative energy. Place a bowl of mineral within the four corners of your room. The salt also can be wont to clean the ground once a week; it helps clear any airborne virus and bacteria. The bowl will be placed near someone who’s ill to get good energy. Keep changing salt crystals regularly.

9. Choose Art Carefully


In order to prevent the negative flow of energy in your home, remove all art that depicts sadness, pain, or sorrow. Additionally, any broken products like photo frames or mirrors, and devices which do not work should be instantly removed to stop the buildup of negativity within the house.

10. Have a Well-Lit Bathroom


Ventilation is an important feature in bathroom vastu. The lavatory window and fan must always be directed towards the north-east. This helps eliminate any sort of bacteria, and hence stimulates a clean and hygienic environment.

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