December 7, 2023
Happy Relationship

The most complicated word, happy relationship, isn’t it. The more we come into a relationship the more we have various issues with that with our partner. Love is the most beautiful feeling that you’ll ever encounter but with love comes to a lot of responsibilities and that responsibility is termed as a relationship. It’s not easy to commit someone a lifetime promise or a promise to stay there with them in their tough situation. It is not that an easy relationship comes with a lot of ups and downs. Yes, when a relationship starts we feel a lot of things like we feel butterflies in our stomach or that we are on Cloud 9, and many things. But do you think it is always a Fairytale to come into a relationship and to be with the person? No, the real struggle starts from here.¬†

The real struggle starts when you come into a relationship when you handle a person in many ways. It comes to handling their family things, handling their work, handling your work, and maintaining your partnership so that it can convert into marriage. There are a lot of things that you experience, sometimes there are a lot of fights between you because of the misunderstanding that comes. Sometimes there are securities and sometimes a lot of things but these are the 10 ways by which you can have a healthy and happy relationship. Let’s go with the things.

1.) Keep Expectations realistic 

Keep Expectations realistic

We have to understand that it is not a Fairytale of Romeo Juliet or any other person fairy tales live in the fairy tales only. Fairy tales just have a Happy Ending but the relationship does not have a Happy Ending it is a happy beginning so we should understand that we have to not put so much pressure on our partner that he gets so irritated. Your expectation should be realistic. It’s not like if you are not speaking to them and they should understand what you are thinking it’s not like that. You have to speak up, you have to understand. You have to accept that the way they are. You don’t have to try to change them, you have to accept the way they are and just keep your expectations realistic.

2.) Talk with each other 

Keep Expectations realistic

Sometimes the distance comes between us, the gap between us makes our relationship bad. You have to listen to each other. Take out the time for each other and listen about their plans about their life or if they are insecure then what are the reasons for the insecurities. Ask questions to them about how their day was, how they are going, their feelings, interest, opinions, and also share your information. This will create a mutual understanding.

3.) Be flexible 

Be flexible

It’s sometimes always your partner who would be on top. It could be bad because of some issues in the family. You should understand. You should be flexible accordingly.

4.) Take care of yourself too 

Take care of yourself

Since you are also in the relationship you have to take care of yourself and some of the other ways we do not take care of yourself. You have a kind of stress and that stress can come into your relationship. So you have to take care of yourself.

5.) Be dependable 

Be dependable

You have to be dependent on yourself; you don’t have to ask your partner to do everything for you. This is a kind of bad thing that you can never have. So please be dependable.

6.) Fight Fair 

Fight Fair

You should understand why you should agree with them, their opinion also. If you are not agreeing then it could be bad for your relationship. Don’t let your ego come between your opinion. Try to accept that they are right. Don’t use I sentences, convert them into we and try to have each other with some things, recognize problems, take responsibility for your mistake, and focus on the current thing instead of focusing on their past.

7.) Be affirmative

Be affirmative

You have to be positive every time because if you are being negative in a relationship if you are having insecurity then It is not going to work out.

 8.)  Give your life balance

life balance

 There is no room for stress in your life when you are in a relationship. You have to keep your life balanced, work be it a relationship. You have to give them equal time.

 9.)  It’s a process

Old couple

 It’s not like it is a one-time go. You have to understand the relationship is a kind of process that happens slowly and we have to give time to each other and understand each other.

10.) Be yourself 

Be yourself

Do not try to change yourself to impress the other person because if you are changing yourself and Expectations will increase and the more Expectations will increase at the end they will find nothing but the original you. You have to be original.

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