December 9, 2023
Overcome Your Laziness

As people, we are very much lazy. This is a common problem. But after the lockdown due to the deadly coronavirus, people become lazier and now face many issues to overcome from it. Everyone wants to spend their life without any hard work. They want to lead their life happily. We all know, to live happily, we need money. If you look at the survey, you will be able to see that most of the hard-working persons are happy in the world. In simple words, if you want to survive your life happily, you have to overcome your laziness. Laziness is the worst part of our life. 

Here are some tips that could help you overcome laziness in working again with great productivity and dedication:

 1. Make a work plan

Having a work plan will help you organize and track down your tasks easier. Create a schedule wherein you set a time for certain works and other tasks to do. List down works that are due and arrange them like a calendar. In this way, it could help you prioritize and get it done on time.

2. Be in a comfortable place

Your location could help fight laziness. Being in a comfortable place whether it is any desk in your office, or just in your bedroom that is free from distractions. 

3. Make a to-do list

There are times that because of so many things to do, just like preparing for major meetings, you lose track of other things that need to be done. You can make a to-do list on your mobile phone to track your activities. It’s handy and it will be with you every time. Placing a to-do list where you could see it every time, will help you remember what to do next. Also, it will help you focus on doing your work, especially that distractions are just around the corner.

4. Take one step at a time

Taking actions one step at a time will help you overcome your laziness. Breaking down bigger works into smaller ones will help you avoid being stressed. Completing a subtask will give you the motivation to continue other sub-tasks thus, helping you finish your overall work more conveniently.

 5. Ignore all distractions

Being distracted while studying will make you lazier. It is good to get rid of all distractions to work effectively such as TV or just by simply switching your phone to silent mode or ask your family member to give you privacy. Keep in mind that avoiding these disturbances will aid you to concentrate and work effectively.

6. Think about its consequences

Thinking about the positive outcome of working could be a motivation for a person to start working. If you have this kind of motivation in your mind, yet laziness dominates you, how about trying the other way around? Instead of thinking about the benefits of working, think about the consequences if you don’t work.

7. Find motivation

One of the top reasons people are not working well, due to a lack of motivation. Finding motivation will help you to concentrate and think about the benefits after working with dedication. Visualize yourself after working and think of its positive outcome. In this way, you could work effectively since you already have that will to achieve something.

 8. Do easier tasks

One thing that could be a problem in starting work again, is actually how to start it. Don’t put yourself in too much pressure as it could add up to your laziness. That feeling when you want to give up even though you are not yet beginning. Overcome your laziness by starting with easier work. 

9. Reward yourself

Overcoming laziness is a hard task, so every time you manage to do it, reward yourself. Like if you work for 2hours or finish a project without any interruptions, give yourself a treat, whether it is your favorite food or favorite ice cream. This will help you make a mindset that doing efforts results in positive outcomes.

 10. Discipline yourself

This is the most important thing. The way to kill your laziness is to discipline yourself. You have to stop certain habits or behaviors. As with working, you just need to stop certain things that could distract you and lose your focus and start doing things that could contribute to accomplishing good results. If you easily get distracted with gadgets, put them away while you are working. Make this a habit so that the next time you have to study, you will get used to it.

Being lazy with studying is a normal thing. Everyone experiences it, especially after this lockdown but now you have to overcome it. Commit yourself to break the habit of laziness. Work harder! Keep in mind that the harder you try, the greater the result is.

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