December 9, 2023
Skin Care Tips For Your Winter Travels

Winters just stuck out the moisture out of your skins and leave it dry as a desert, and it just spoils the vibe when you are traveling. You cannot ignore the dryness of the skin; you must always carry one care kit with all the needs for your grooming. 

So here are few tips to pamper your skin and keep it nourished all time, no matter where you are traveling: 

1. Avoid taking hot showers-

Avoid taking hot showers

A hot water bath in chilly weather for sure gives the ultimate relaxing experience but it results in drying your skin quicker than usual. Although a hot shower clears out your skin pores, you have to restrict yourself from doing a few things that can harm your skin.

2. Moisturizer


No skincare routine is complete without moisturizing your skin. You should moisturize your skin right after the hot shower, warm water will open your skin pores and moisturizing helps to close those pores and absorb them. You can always ask for moisturizer and skin oil from the hotel if you forget yours’s at home. 

Pro Tip – Coconut oil moisturize your skin best. 

3. Sunscreen


Never take sunscreens for only summers. Winter sun can also harm your skin, as sunlight is very direct in winters. You have to carry good quality sunscreen having SPF with a minimum of 50. It is a key part of winter skincare during winter travels. 

4. Avoid using Petroleum products-

Avoid using Petroleum products

Petroleum products stay on your skin as they cannot be absorbed into your skin, they are not the best or most refined skincare products. You should say a big no to petroleum products, they can be harsh for your skin. 

5. Exfoliate


Getting rid of the dead skin while traveling is very important for your skin health. Dead skin collects at a very high rate during traveling. You must try using exfoliating packs available in the market. Focus on the areas where dead skin collects. 

6. Hydrating Masks

Hydrating Masks

There is a wide range of face masks available in the market, but you can also use fresh homemade face masks. Honey and yogurt mixed is a very good option for hydrating your dried skin. You can also add grounded walnuts to make it a scrub, it helps getting rid of dead skin.

7. Mist

Mace mist

Mace mist is a great way to provide your skin with all the hydration it requires. They come in different types for every skin type. It is easy to carry and also easy to use. Just spray it over your face and allow your skin cells to hydrate. 

You can also make one at your home using part 1 apple cider vinegar and 3 portions of water and store it in a spray bottle. Using it daily in the morning helps maintain the pH balance of your skin and remove all toxins out from your face. 

8. Face Masks

Face Masks

These come in the shape of the face all soaked in serum-containing various nutrients that are good for your skin. These are ready to us in nature, you’ve to just put them on your face for at least 15 minutes to use these face masks. Have a nice relaxing time for the time being. This will help you in making your skin glow and keep it hydrated.

9. Sleeping pack-

Sleeping pack

You don’t have to spare some extra time for using this mask. It works and hydrates your skin while you are in your beauty sleep. Using this once a week would be very healthy for your skin. It completely makes your skin look very fresh and hydrated.

10. BB Cream

BB Cream

The no-makeup look is in the trend nowadays, you can avoid carrying all the chemicals on your skin all day. Winter is a good time to make your skin not look dried out. The BB cream helps to moisturize your skin and gives you a perfectly even skin tone. 

11. Face Oil-

Face Oil

Face oil helps to cleanse your choked skin pores and cuts down the irritation and burning sensation on your skin due to city smoke. Olive oil, coconut oil, and argan oil work best for this use. 

12. Cleansing Solution-

Cleansing Solution

Makeup damages your skin in ways you can’t even imagine. For example, burning sensation and acne on your face. Apart from makeup, city smoke, dirt in the air damages your skin on the regular basis. But continuously washing your face will result in dryness, this is where cleaning solutions come in handy. It makes your skin pores clean and gives you a fresh look.

13. Keep your skin hydrated from inside

Keep your skin hydrated from inside

Water helps you to balance your body’s pH level. It clears out all the toxins from your body and keeps your skin clear. It makes your skin appear lighter and bright as the sun. There is no big tip than this one for winter traveling. 

14. Aloe vera-

Aloe vera

Aloe vera not only helps your skin during the winters but it also helps you in your daily skincare routine. It has gibberellins and auxins in it which helps in reducing skin inflammation and heal your damaged skin. It works as a moisturizer, cures acne, and softens the skin without jamming your skin pores. Natural aloe vera extracted from the plant directly works wonderfully. 


These skincare tips will help you in pampering your skin and keep it all hydrated and moisturize during all your winter travels. 

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