December 9, 2023
Logo Maker Tools

Creating a logo for your business can be a challenging task, but it has never been as affordable as it is today. If the only option to create a brand was to hire a professional designer or an agency, this scenario changed a few years ago, with the creation of do-it-yourself logo creation platforms, which democratized access to brand building.

Having a unique logo is essential in the digital age in which we are living. It adds value to the company and is of great importance for brand recognition by customers and potential customers. However, not everyone needs to hire a designer to create a unique visual identity for a particular business. That’s where the be online logo creation services can make a big difference.

But is it worth it? What to look for, from quality to material delivery, from an online logo creation service? To help answer these and other questions, I have tested dozens of options and listed below the best logo creators on the market, with each tool’s pros and cons. This post also explains the advantages and disadvantages of using this type of platform and when to choose it or a professional designer.

Best online logo creators There are many differences between the logo creation platforms, although they all serve the same function. These differences include the ease of use of the tool, the quality and variety of options for creation, the price and the materials delivered together with the logo, and their versions, formats, and sizes.

Find out below the best free and paid logo creators and find out which option is most interesting to you.

1. DesignEvo


The DesignEvo logo maker is a tool with user-friendly features, which offers a good customization level. Besides, if you are new to use this tool, it has a creation assistant to guide you. Moreover, it has a wide variety of monochrome and colored icons. You can create and save unlimited logos for free. It is necessary to sign up for your DesignEvo account to get your free logo files.

If you are purchasing the Basic plan, which costs $ 24.99, you can make unlimited editions of the logo, but you should remember to save it on your account. The initial plan is great that your download transparent background logo in 5000X500. The most cost-effective plan costs $49.99 and offers high-quality files, a transparent background, vectors, and copyright.

2. Logaster


Logaster is one of the handiest tools, with features that go beyond the creation of the logo.

Depending on the plan, it is possible to obtain versions of the brand for social networks, on business cards, letterhead, email signature, and favicon. Another differential of Logaster is that it allows unlimited changes to the logo. One restriction is that the icons are monochrome. That is, they can have only one color.

Logaster’s plans start at $39, but the complete $99 logo package is the most cost-effective, as it includes color and background variations and resizable formats. The higher plans include a kit for social media, stationery, email signature, and brand manual. All paid plans have the copyright of the logo for commercial or personal use. You can also create several logos for free and download a small PNG version for free.

3. Wix Logo Maker

Wix Logo Maker

The Wix tool combines ease and modernity, making it one of the best logo creators on the market. Your assistant facilitates the creation process, as well as the wide variety of elements and resources available. For those looking for greater customization, the tool offers the possibility of hiring a professional designer.

4. Smashing Logo

Smashing Logo

Smashing Logo offers a good level of logo customization. The platform allows you to customize the colors of all the icon elements individually. It also provides a wide variety of icons, with different shapes and logo suggestions in the final format. It is also possible to visualize the brand’s application in various environments, such as stationery materials, storefronts, and illuminated signs. This is one of Smashing Logo’s differentials, which places it among the market’s best logo creators.

If you are satisy not satisfied with the logo created, it can create a second free logo. The service is available in 3 plans with costs starting at $120, all with the right to use. The $150 plan has the best cost-benefit ratio, with high-resolution files for printing (vector), files for social media and unlimited editions of the logo.

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