December 8, 2023
Stage Your Home

Staging refers to implementing different ideas aimed to prepare a house for. It makes a house overall presentable and highlights the key features that appeal directly to the buyers and appraisers. Evidently, it attracts more buyers and strengthens the likelihood of selling the house quicker.

Home staging typically involves expensive techniques carried out by professional stagers. Entire furniture revamps and dedicated videography combined with virtual tours is what a professional staging is comprised of. However, there are ample ways to apply DIY low-cost staging for budget sellers.

Although it requires a great effort to stage on your own, it yields equally substantial benefits; both in terms of savings and impressing the potential buyers. Let’s have a look at these inexpensive yet effective staging tricks:

1. Deep Clean

Deep Clean

A thoroughly cleaned home should be your topmost priority as a stager. A tidy house speaks directly for the seller attitude towards hygiene, in addition to the appealing factor.

When we say “cleaning”, we aren’t just referring to the routine vacuum or mop cleaning, rather a detailed and dedicated cleaning. From kitchen utensils and appliances to bathroom tiles and floor, every inch should be spotless enough to sparkle (figuratively, of course).

2. Declutter


It is often the case that homeowners do not care about an apparent mess spread all over the house. It’s not that they aren’t concerned about clutter, rather they don’t find it messy at all. If such is the case, it’s time to organize your house now.

Pack up the unnecessary papers, games, shoes, clothes, books, and other miscellaneous items that are of no use for now. These things may not ping you enough, yet keeping them in the store makes a huge difference. A simple decluttering not only depicts how organized you are but makes your space look bigger as well.

3. Avoid Personalization

Avoid Personalization

The primary focus of staging your home is to let the buyers visualize themselves in your house. Sure, you as a homeowner must have personalized your space, yet you can’t expect the buyer to have similar priorities.

First and foremost, remove the family photos as well as other framed images depicting any sort of subjectivity. Keep your personal stuff in the cabinets or out of sight. Ensure that Sell my house fast tulsa is giving an overall objective look.

4. Allow Neutrality in Paint and Décor

Allow Neutrality in Paint and Décor

Wallpapers and artwork certainly adorn the beauty of your house, but as it is established, priorities tend to remain different. It is prudent to put down the wallpapers and apply neutral paint instead. Additionally, a high-contrast artwork is a major turn-off for potential buyers since they are there to envision themselves living in the house, not to observe your art and décor preferences.

5. Stage the Rooms Appropriately

Stage the Rooms Appropriately

Every room in the house has a definite purpose. Even the storage area can be converted into a usable space if needed. Make sure that you stage a room according to the purpose it serves. It is ideal to take suggestions from staging experts in this regard.

You may incorporate some innovative ideas as well, such as converting your spare rooms (like empty or junk rooms) into a guest bedroom.This additional bedroom would virtually increase the space of your house adding a lot to its potential.While it may sound like a little costly idea, it pays off in the best possible way.

6. Use a Fitting Furniture

Fitting Furniture

Appropriate furniture is highly significant to exhibit the true usability of your space. Ensure that your furniture sits right with the respective area. Let it be sofas of lounge, bed frame of the master bedroom, or cupboard of the living room – all these movables should be compatible with the space they’re placed in.

Moreover, there’s no need to cramp up a room with too much furniture. Move it to the other one; if they’re all filled up, consider keeping them in the storage compartment during the visiting hours. Widen the moving space for convenient walking. Measures like this increase the virtual space of your house in buyers’ perception.


If you’re determined to imply strategies to sell your house faster, budget home staging is a primary DIY idea you should adopt. Pulling off successful staging by yourself may seem somewhat intimidating at first. However, following these simple steps would ease you a lot as you make progress. Furthermore, positive feedback coming from reputable appraisers and would assure that staging was worth giving your time and effort!

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