December 8, 2023
Home Treadmill Workout

Who says a good home treadmill workout is just about walking and jogging! A little creativity and imagination can turn your routine home treadmill workout into an overall body-conditioning regime.

Before you increase the intensity of your current workouts or get onto a new one, it may be a good idea to consult your doctor for precautionary measures. Following are a few suggestions that can help you redefine your daily treadmill workout.

1. Dumbbells/Hand Weights

Dumbbells/Hand Weights

Come on! Don’t let your arms be the silent spectators gripping onto the bars or just hanging in while your legs go through a vigorous walking/jogging regime.

Lifting and lowering five to ten pounds while you walk can give both your upper and lower body a good treadmill workout simultaneously.

However, if you are afraid of toppling over and are used to holding onto the bars, start slowly and try freeing your arms while you increase speed and gain confidence.

2. Walk Backwards for a complete home treadmill workout

Walk Backwards for a complete home treadmill workout

Ever tried going into the reverse mode! Try walking backwards on your treadmill, starting slowly and you will discover a whole new bunch of leg muscles to challenge.

If you feel uncomfortable, try taking the help of bars to build balance initially. At the end of this home treadmill workout, you will have lots of aching muscles. Remember, ache doesn’t mean something’s wrong, rather, your legs are getting a more comprehensive workout.

3. Speed Intervals

Speed Intervals

This is a very nice way to give your-self a good cardiovascular workout.

The trick is running/walking as fast you can in a minute and then gradually decreasing the speed to give yourself a couple of minutes of rest.

Upon completion of two minutes, you are set for another full speed minute. Please make sure to warm up before you attempt this method of treadmill workout.

Please do keep in mind that you are not expected to run a mile a minute, you just need to challenge your limits. An ideal home treadmill workout may remain incomplete without this exercise.

4. Incline Intervals

Incline Intervals

This technique involves walking normally for five minutes and then alternating it with five minutes walk on an incline set to four/five. You may repeat this cycle twice to derive maximum results. Prior warm-up, of course, is recommended.

5. Toes and Heels

Toes and Heels

Well, this one’s to keep you on your toes! This form of home treadmill workout would require walking normally for five minutes and then alternating it with a quick thirty-second walk on toes.

Walk again for five minutes and then follow up with another thirty seconds on heels. Please don’t forget to slow down while alternating walking styles.

This will help you challenge various muscles in your legs and feet. Repeating the cycles twice is recommended. An extensive treadmill workout need not be monotonous.

You can find various ways and means to make it a refreshing experience. Enjoying your treadmill workout in this way will help you a lot in achieving your fitness goals in the long run.

6. HIIT intense workout

HIIT intense workout

Most of the athletes require to do high-intensity interval training workout because to reduce more fate and get strength. This exercise provides you with better strength rapedly.

Walking remains the most common and preferred choice of the general populace to stay active and healthy. It is a form of exercise which comes naturally to us and can form a good source of enjoyment in our daily weight loss regime. Due to its effectiveness and simplicity, it is also a good alternative for other gymnasium bound heavyweight and cardiovascular exercises.

7. Walking An Easy to Use Exercise

Walking An Easy to Use Exercise

Walking can be done in one’s neighbourhood without driving down to any special premises. Still, there are many people who find the idea of walking uncomfortable.

It is either their fear of anti-social activities such as snatching, theft, mugging etc.

A personal and infrastructural limitation such as inability to walk long distances alone, shyness, unavailability of a proper jogging/walking track etc.

Having any such limitations, however, does not mean that you put off your plans to walk to a healthy life.

In order to truly appreciate the great advantages of a Good Home Treadmill Workout, we should firstly throw some light on its special features.

Not acquainting yourself with these would prevent you from knowing the great benefits a walking treadmill is good for you. Good Luck!

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