March 2, 2024
Weight Training Tweaks

Has your workout routine become boring? Are you not impressed with your current results? Perhaps it is time to modify your training.

There are many ways to change how an exercise is performed to better suit your needs. I have found that by using several training techniques I am able to maximize my time and results in the gym.

Working out is more fun and as a result of the training, I have become leaner and stronger. The following article will identify some of the different methods that you can use in the weight room to help you reach your goals as well as provide a sample workout to help you get strong and ripped!

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1. Sets and Reps

Sets and Reps

Set manipulation is a good way to control the intensity of your workout. By increasing the amount of sets you perform, you allow yourself to continuously lift at a higher intensity level and take more breaks.

By decreasing the amount of sets you have, you can increase the amount of reps and do higher duration sets, which can greatly aid in fat loss. Additionally, you can perform supersets, which are two or more exercises performed together before taking a rest break. This can help you to build muscle, gain strength and burn even more fat.

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2. Rest

taking shorter rest breaks

Tweaking your rest is absolutely essential. By taking shorter rest breaks you increase the amount of fat burned as well as the cardiovascular aspect of the training.

By taking long rest breaks you can lift heavier weights which will allow you to get stronger and build muscle. Having more muscle will help increase your metabolism and also allow you to burn fat faster.

3. Base of Support

Base of Support

Altering the base of support will change the amount of core muscle required to perform the exercise. By increasing the base of support, you allow yourself to use heavier weights.

By decreasing the base of support, you increase the amount of core muscle recruitment at the sacrifice of some of the weight you are able to lift.

For the base of support, I like to find a happy medium in my training that will allow me to continue building muscle while at the same time allowing the core to work hard. For this.

I utilize unilateral exercises such as lunges, dumbbell rows, and dumbbell shoulder presses.

4. Tempo


The tempo of the exercise is crucial towards muscle building and fat loss. Performing exercises with a very high tempo will significantly increase fat loss (think sprinting) while performing exercises with a slower tempo can be beneficial for serious muscle gain.

Slow eccentric (the lowering motion of the weight) training is one of the best ways to pack on muscle.

5. Range of Motion

Range of Motion

By increasing your range of motion, you allow your body to recruit more muscle with a lighter weight. This allows you to maximize the muscular work performed with less weight.

By performing reps that do not go through a full range of motion you can focus on the technique of one part of your lift and really emphasize the muscle groups involved in that specific range.

Partial reps can be used to allow you to lift heavier (rack pulls), breakthrough sticking points on a lift (bottom range deadlift), or pump blood and nutrients into the muscle. For bodybuilders, muscle pumping is very effective for packing on mass.

6. Exercise Stance and Grip

Exercise Stance and Grip

By changing the foot stance or grip on an exercise you can change the muscles that are being emphasized. For example, on deadlifts.

You can emphasize your hips more by moving your leg position into sumo (wide) stance and emphasize the back more using a more traditional feet hip-width apart stance.

On pull-ups, you can emphasize the lats more by assuming a wider grip, the rhomboids more by using a closer grip, and the biceps more by using an underhand grip.

7. Strength + Fat Loss Workout

Strength + Fat Loss Workout

Try this full-body workout to help build strength, burn fat, and look badass in the gym! * Exercises with lettering (ex. exercise 3 A and 3B) are performed in a superset.

We have successfully covered the Weight Training Tweaks for Better Results in the Gym

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