September 30, 2023
Destinations to Visit in Winters in India

Winters are mainly time to sneak in your quilts sitting by the fireplace with hot chocolate in one hand, lazy mornings, and much more. But winters are also a great time to explore and travel with your friends and family. 

India has many different places with varying weather in the winter season. Here are the top destinations you could visit in the winter season in India:

1. Rajasthan

Winters are the perfect time to visit Rajasthan, as summers get really harsh and hot to travel. There is an essence of history visiting the historical palaces and forts of Rajasthan, with a touch of beautiful folk dance and world-famous Rajasthani hospitality. Jaisalmer and Jodhpur are must visit in winters. 

2. Kerala

For people who don’t like the concept of lazy bed breakfasts and chilling in the blanket all day. Kerala is a perfect getaway destination for you in India. It is known as the “God’s own City”, justifying the serene landscapes here. You can relax on the beachside, stay on traditionally made water boats and much more. 

3. Auli

If you’re looking for a perfect adventure-filled travel destination, then this is for you. Auli is a part of Uttarakhand, with stunning skiing slopes. It has very soon become a popular tourist place in India. You can do snow skiing, experience Asia’s longest ropeway, and much more. 

4. Shimla

If you’re a couple and looking for a cozy romantic vacation than Shimla is a must go. Shimla looks mesmerizing in the winters; it’s all covered in white snow with colonial architecture. You can also chill alone here, one of the best holiday spots in India. Long chilly walks at night at the Mall road are a must experience. You can also do paragliding here if the weather allows you. 

5. Goa

Looking for a perfect destination to celebrate the holiday season, then Goa is your answer. The place gets filled with a different vibe with all the rave parties, crazy crowd, seafood. The atmosphere has energy, particularly around Christmas and New Year. Just be aware of thugs and also do advance bookings for hotels and travel. 

6. Andaman

It is the total opposite to Goa, if you are looking for some private and someplace cozy consider a trip to Andaman & Nicobar. The winters are the perfect time to enjoy the islands of Andaman. 

7. Nainital

It is situated at the footsteps of the Himalayas is the beautiful hill station Nainital. It is located at an altitude of more than 2000m, it remains cold throughout the year. But in winters it is a treat to eyes, snow-packed mountain tops, Nainital looks like a dreamland.

8. Ladakh

A trip to Ladakh is a must for all mountain lovers. The stunning frozen rivers, waterfalls, and snow-covered mountains are the most exciting part of Ladakh. Travelers love to ride bikes in the rough terrain of this region. Temperature can be freezing at night and in the daytime, you can see melting snow. The nearest airport is in Leh. 


Along with these destinations, India is filled with more amazing travel destinations. Go out there and explore, let your hidden traveler take over you.

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