March 2, 2024
Things To Do In The Netherlands

Are you looking forward to your trip to the Netherlands, or do you want to plan one? Undoubtedly, the best way to explore a place is via an unplanned trip and discovering things as you go along. However, it might not be the most practical idea because a spontaneous trip can result in chaos, and who wants that on vacation. Hence, This article is everything you need to get a rough idea about the things to do in The Netherlands.

The Netherlands is a small Norweigan country nestled on top of the European continent. Also called Holland sometimes, the nation is famous for its beautiful landscape, insightful country life, beautiful tunnels, and the newly discovered crazy night-life. Owing to its small size, The Netherlands is a favorite vacation spot for many as it’s easier to explore the whole country in a short span of time. If you want to have a quiet and culturally enriching experience on your next trip, this is the place for you.

Let’s make no further ados and check out some of the things to do in the Netherlands in this comprehensive article.

1. Travel the Canals of Amsterdam

Travel the Canals of Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam offers you delightful visuals of a perfect river city. Just like Venice, you can stroll around these river walks and feel the vibe of authentic European sophistication.

If you are a child of leisure like me, then definitely take the boat rides and just unwind yourself.

2. Pay siege to Zaanse Schans

Pay siege to Zaanse Schans

Zaanse Schans is an urban village located fifteen kilometers north of the city of Amsterdam. The hamlet, structured like an open-air museum, is a walk back to the old times. 

You can walk around the countryside and discover how the original Holland people used to live. From 17th-century windmills to grocery stores, everything will transport you back in time.

3. Stroll about the Garden of Europe

Stroll about the Garden of Europe

 The garden of Europe, or Keukenhof as they call it in Dutch, is the world’s biggest public garden by sheer size. The scenario encompasses beautiful hues created by Waterlilies of every color imaginable.

Interestingly, many airlines offer packages that include a visit to Keukenhof. Look out for them if you want a more affordable trip experience. You can even use Delta Airlines Telefono Español services to know about the offers and discounts available.

4. Appreciate the Grote Kerk

Appreciate the Grote Kerk

Grote Kerk is a large catholic church situated in the middle of the city of Hague. The monument built back in the 13th century was reconstructed from scratch in 1536, owing to a religious attack.

One must visit this iconic shrine and witness the beauty of its historical past.

5. Visit the Rijks museum

Rijks museum

The Rijks Museum is the National Dutch museum of the country and boasts artifacts from the year 1809. The building consists of collectibles, shawls, fashion pieces, and everything related to Dutch culture. Moreover, it’s a legend that the place encompasses more than seven million items.

6. Discover the Hoge Veluwe National Park

Hoge Veluwe National Park

Often misunderstood to be a small country with tiny houses and countryside life, The Netherlands has numerous national parks.

The largest national park in this Dutch country is Hoge Veluwe National park in between Apeldoorn and Arnhem. Spanning over 13000 acres, the park has fantastic flora and fauna to discover and admire.

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7. Visit the Anne Frank Museum

Anne Frank Museum

The Anne Frank Museum is one of the most iconic places in the Netherlands and naturally one of the best things to do in the Netherlands.

Built over and remembering the house where Anne Frank hid during the second world war, this place receives heavy footfall everywhere.

Additionally, A lot of airlines offer packages to this Feminist Monument. If you are from the USA, you can help from Delta Airlines Telefono Estados Unidos Español service and get a good tour package that saves you money.

8. Have fun at Efteling


Efteling is the oldest theme-based amusement park in the world. It started around 1952 and has ever since been a favorite tourist spot.

The park has numerous subsections, and each section is conceptualized around a Norwegian myth or legend. As interesting as it sounds, this place is a must for every tourist visiting and one of the better things to do in the Netherlands.

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