December 8, 2023
Sound Sleep At Night

Many studies have disclosed that a sound sleep at night is crucial for each one of human beings. Any obstruction in it can make you have bad effects on the functionality of your brain, workouts, and hormones. Further, you could have an increased risk of diseases and weight gain. On the other hand, a sound sleep at night can facilitate you exercise better, eat less, and be healthier. 

In the past few decades, there was a decline in the quantity and quality of sleep. Actually, most of you have poor sleep every night. You should work on the things that can assist you have a good sleep. Here are some practical steps for your support:

1. Check the ambience in your bedroom 

Check the ambience in your bedroom

When it comes to improving sleep quality, you should have a close look into your bedroom. Inspect everything, from your bed to the things placed inside it. While inspecting your bed, ensure it is soft and comfortable. If not, work to make it softer and more comfortable for your sleep. Remove wrong paintings and hang wall paintings for bedroom. By hanging the right wall art, you will improve the ambience of your bedroom. Similarly, for establishing your connection to nature, especially trees you can think of hanging tree paintings from your bedroom wall. 

2. Stay away from blue light in the evening 

Stay away from blue light in the evening

Having exposure to light during the day is beneficial, but light exposure at night leaves bad impacts on you. It happens due to the effects on a human’s circadian rhythm that keep your brain trickling and active. Further, it affects the hormones such as melanin that makes you fall asleep and feel relaxed. Exposure to the blue light that comes from computers and smartphones is worse in this regard. You should wear glasses that could lower the effect of blue light if you have to use your PC or smartphone at night. Further, you can install the apps that can help you block the blue light. 

3. Use your bed only for sleeping

Use your bed only for sleeping

Some of you don’t have a proper balance between your personal life and professional life. Even after coming back from your workplace, you do your office work while lying on the bed. You receive phone calls and reply emails. Some of you use your bed for having lunch/dinner/snacks or watching programs on television. For better sleep at night, you should use your bed only for sleeping or having intimate relationships with your spouse.

4. Exercise


Apart from trimming your body, exercising everyday keeps you up less. It enhances the impacts of natural sleep hormones like melatonin. Go for a short morning walk or jog if you are unable to perform exercises of high intensity. If possible, do light workouts 2-3 hours before your bedtime.    

5. Have a sleep ritual for you

Have a sleep ritual for you

Recall your childhood days. At a fixed time every night, your mother told you a story. Listening to the story was a comforting element for you and made you fall asleep. Similar to that, you should create a sleep ritual for you if you are not getting sound sleep at night. The common ritual that you can follow at night is 

  • Lie down on your bed and keep your face towards the ceiling
  • Leave your body loose
  • Do deep breathing for 10-20 minutes

6. Avoid overeating  

Avoid overeating

An empty or overly full stomach can keep you awake at night. You should avoid overeating and take your dinner at least 2-3 hours before your bedtime. If you feel hungry just before going to your bed, you can take light, healthy snacks, but not a big meal. The light snacks could be a few whole wheat crackers, a slice of cheese, or an apple.

7. Bath just before your bedtime

Bath just before your bedtime

A warm bath just before going to your bed assists your body feel relaxed. For better experience, you can add lavender or other soothing oils to your bath water. Taking a bath is more fruitful in comparison with a shower. It can help you fall asleep just after lying down on your bed.

8. Don’t take caffeinated or alcoholic beverages 

Don’t take caffeinated or alcoholic beverages

Chocolates and coffee have caffeine that is a stimulant. Alcohol has similar effects. After taking these things, your body feels stimulated. And as a result, you might stay awake the whole night. You should avoid taking coffee, tea, wine, and beer at least two to three hours before your bedtime.    

9. Distress yourself 

Distress yourself

Stress is a major cause of having poor sleep at night. In today’s fast world, most of you get stressed a lot when you notice your expectations are not going in your favor. Before you go to your bedroom, you should make your mind free from all the worries you have. It will help you feel relaxed and comfortable that can lead you to have a sound sleep at night.


Having a good night’s sleep is essential for each one of you. To improve your sleep, you can follow all the steps mentioned above or the one that you find more suitable for you. With better sleep at night, you will have increased performance in your personal as well as professional life.

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